Summer Sunshine & Cornish Treats!

We're gradually edging into the summer months here in the UK, but at the moment the weather doesn't seem to be convincing any of us that summer is nearly here! Fingers crossed it continues to improve, especially as those outdoor Antique Fairs and Car Boots get into full swing. The south coast is always a popular destination for holiday makers, especially the county of Cornwall, so we thought we'd table a quick look at the very popular Troika Pottery.

Troika Pottery Troika Pottery

Troika Pottery started out in c1963 and was based in St Ives in Cornwall. Its simplistic and eye-catching pieces quickly became successful, resulting in the pottery moving to a new, larger location in Newlyn, Cornwall, in 1970, where it stayed until it closed down in 1983. You can read more about the history of Troika Pottery in our Troika Pottery guide - click here.

Troika Pottery For Sale...

All the Troika Pottery we offer for sale is genuine Troika Pottery made by the cornish pottery when it operated in Cornwall, England between the years c1963-1983.

We have recently added some lovely new pieces to the website, including a couple of interesting Troika Spice vases, and an attractive Troika Pottery Marmalade vase. Every Troika vase was decorated by hand, meaning that every piece is unique. This give collectors the chance to create an interesting collection, even if they restrict themselves to just one favourite shape. Here is a selection of the Troika Spice vases we currently have for sale:

Troika Spice Vase, Louise Jinks Troika Spice Vase, Avril Bennet Troika Spice Vase, Alison Brigden
The first Troika Spice vase pictured has been decorated by Louise Jinks, the second Troika Spice vase has been decorated by Avril Bennet and the final Troika Spice pictured above has been decorated by Alison Brigden.

You can view our full selection of Troika Pottery for sale - here, if you're looking for something else not produced in Cornwall! Then it's easy to view our full selection of antiques & collectables for sale on the View All Stock page. This page shows pictures of all the pottery and figurines we have for sale making it very easy for you to spot anything you might like or are trying to source!

That's it for this month's newsletter. Remember, let us know of any Antique Fairs you visit that you think are worth a mention on our site. It's always great to be able to pass on details of fairs that have been reccommended.

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