PenDelfin rabbit

PenDelfin Rabbits Galore!

It's nearly the end of spring so this month we thought we'd take a look at rabbits - PenDelfin rabbits! Back in c1953 in Lancashire, England, PenDelfin was born. Over the decades the PenDelfin family grew and grew creating a whole PenDelfin village full of rabbits, shops, stands, books, mice and even the odd dog! PenDelfin has become very popular with collectors all over the world. You can read more about the history of PenDelfin in our PenDelfin Rabbits guide - click here.

PenDelfin For Sale...

We have a wide range of PenDelfin rabbits for sale including PenDelfin display stands, old advertising brochures, PenDelfin Family Circle club pieces and early PenDelfin rabbits. Here is a very small selection of the range of PenDelfin we currently have for sale:

PenDelfin Flunky, PenDelfin Millennium Celebration Piece PenDelfin Scrumpy Leaflet - 12 Page PenDelfin Brochure PenDelfin Gallery Series Plaque, Wakey PenDelfin Plate, Gingerbread Day PenDelfin Mouse House Match Holder, Doreen Noel Roberts PenDelfin Picture The Auction PenDelfin Lucy Pocket, Jean Walmsley Heap 1999 PenDelfin Model Of The Year, Treasure
A PenDelfin Millennium Celebration piece called the PenDelfin Flunky, an unusual PenDelfin Scrumpy Leaflet, a lovely PenDelfin Gallery Series Plaque, a PenDelfin fine bone china plate, an early PenDelfin Mouse House match holder, a PenDelfin wall mounted block picture called The Auction, a cute PenDelfin Lucy Pocket rabbit and a lovely PenDelfin Family Circle Club piece, a 1999 PenDelfin Model Of The Year Treasure rabbit.

You can view our full selection of PenDelfin rabbits - here. If you're looking for something non-rabbit related, then it's easy to view our full selection of antiques & collectables for sale on the View All Stock page. This shows pictures of all the items we have for sale making it very easy for you to spot anything you might like or are trying to find!

That's it for this month. Remember, do let us know of any interesting Antique Fairs you visit, even if they're outside the UK! It's always very interesting to read your comments and especially to hear about overseas fairs.

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