Troika Marmalade Vase, Judith Illsley

Troika Pottery - A Popular Cornish Collectable!

Well the summer holidays are officially over and I expect many holidaymakers in the UK trundled down the motorways and visited Cornwall! It may not have been very sunny over the summer but Cornwall never disappoints with its spectacular scenery and pretty villages. Of course if you went to Cornwall you may well have headed to St Ives, which in c1963 was the birthplace of the highly collected Troika Pottery.St Oves beach

The Troika factory remained in St Ives until c1970 when it decided to move just down the road to Newlyn, still in Cornwall. The Troika Pottery finally closed in 1983, and throughout the 20 years that the pottery produced these highly desirable pieces a whole range of styles and designs were experimented with. This, combined with the abstract and very modern styling given to some of the pieces has made Troika Pottery very desirable today with many collectors drawn to it. You can see a range of the pottery marks used by the Troika Pottery as well as many of the Troika decorators marks in our Troika Pottery marks guide - click here.

Here are a few of the different shapes and styles produced by Troika:

Early Troika St Ives Rectangular vase Troika Coffin vase for sale Troika Cylinder  vase for sale Troika Chimney vase for sale Troika Marmalade Vase by Judith Illsley
Early Troika St Ives rectangular vase, the popular Troika Coffin vase, a large shouldered Troika Cylinder vase, a stunning Troika Chimney vase and a simple Troika Marmalade vase. To view our range of Troika Pottery for sale, please click here.

Pottery For Sale...

Here are just a few pieces of pottery and collectables new to our website over the last month - including a few pieces of Troika Pottery! Remember, to view all of the antique and collectable pieces for sale, visit the View ALL Stock page:

Troika Vase - Troika St Ives Marmalade Vase PenDelfin Family Circle Application Form 1994 Troika St Ives Double Egg Cup
Lovely vibrant Troika St Ives marmalade vase, an early PenDelfin Family Circle Application Form, and a glossy Troika St Ives double egg cup.

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