Antique Fairs, Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, New Stock & Lots Of Rain!

Rain, rain and more rain, that seems to be June at the moment! Lucikly last weekend wasn't too bad when everyone was out and about celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee.

New Stock...

We’ve had some really interesting new pieces of stock over the last month. Here’s a small selection - remember to view all of our current pieces for sale visit the View ALL Stock page:

PenDelfin Mouse House Match Holder Troika Rectangular Vase Troika Medium Wheel vase, Holly Jackson PenDelfin Rabbit Cha Cha - Jean Walmsley Heap Troika St Ives Smooth Glazed Slab Vase
PenDelfin Mouse House Match Holder, striking Troika Rectangular vase by Marilyn Pascoe, a bold Troika Medium Wheel vase by Holly Jackson, a rare PenDelfin Rabbit Cha Cha and an early Troika St Ives glazed vase.

Antique Fairs Coming Up...

Here are a few antique & collectable fairs that are scheduled to go ahead in the next month:

Remember, do check before travelling to any antique fair that it's still scheduled to take place. If you do know of any good Antique Fairs or even any Antique Centres you think are worth visiting let us know and we’ll tell everyone about them!

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

If you were enjoying the Diamond Jubilee festivities last weekend then you might be interested in this Poole Pottery commemorative jug which was produced by the pottery to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953:

Poole Pottery Queen Elizabeth II 1953 Coronation Jug
Poole Pottery Queen Elizabeth II 1953 Coronation Jug

Over the years there has been a wide selection of commemorative ware produced. If you have any interesting Queen Elizabeth II commemorative coronation ware then do send us a picture and we'll include them all in a future newsletter!

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Here you'll find a list of our past newsletters. They feature information on different potteries, some of our featured stock and information on antique fairs and general news from the antique and collectors world!

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