Summertime News & More Pottery Marks!

We're approaching summertime now so here's hoping the weather picks up for all those outdoor Antique Fairs that are scheduled! We've added quite a few new pieces to the Perfect Pieces website this last month so be sure to check out All Stock page where you can easily glance at everything we currently have on offer. Here are just a few of our new items for sale:

Troika Spice Vase PenDelfin rabbit Holly PenDelfin Cracker Rabbit
Lovely Troika Spice, adorable Christmas PenDelfin rabbit Holly and PenDelfin rabbit Cracker.

Help Identifying Pottery Marks...

Here are a few more items that people are trying to identify. If you recognise the pottery marks or can point their owners in the right direction then do let us know! Remember to check out our Pottery Marks Guide - here you'll find a whole range of pottery marks and pottery dating advice...click here.

ITEM 1 The owner says:

"It is about 4.5" tall, 5" wide, and 3.5" diameter. It appears bronze covered over plaster, with a lot of what looks like gold glitter pooled in the bottom. It appears to be moulded and there are a few small chips exposing a light grey plaster. The only identifying mark is the raised capital A within the square. It is heavy weighing 2 lbs 2 oz..."
Cherub pot

ITEM 2 The owner says:

"It is a beautiful vase with a chicken and rooster in exceptional slip design on the front. It is exceptionally well-rendered...!
Chicken and rooster vase

So, if you do recognise any of the items above then get in touch and we'll pass on any information we receive to the owners. Don't forget, if you have any pottery items you're trying to identify then just send us a digital photograph and we'll include it in one of our Newsletters!

Best wishes,

Perfect Pieces


Here you'll find a list of our past newsletters. They feature information on different potteries, some of our featured stock and information on antique fairs and general news from the antique and collectors world!

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