Carlton Ware Garden Pattern Dish, 3478

August Newsletter

This month we have a bright and seasonally-patterned Carlton Ware dish to profile, and some ongoing changes to our website to highlight.

The summer months always seem a little more sparse when looking for new stock, but one attractive piece we have picked up recently is this vibrantly-coloured Carlton Ware dish. Dating between 1925-1936 and probably an early 1930s piece, it is decorated in the brightly-coloured Garden pattern on a deep lustrous orange ground.

Carlton Ware Garden Pattern Dish, 3478

This shape displays the pattern really well and was quite widely used - in the past we have bowls of this shape decorated with some of the 1930s Handcraft patterns. It's an attractive shape and would form a suitable subject for a "one shape" collection, where only one shape is collected, decorated in different patterns.

This is a style of collecting that is quite popular with collectors who collect potteries that used the same shape for many different patterns, such as Moorcroft and Shelley (tea and coffee sets).

Carlton Ware Handcraft New Delphinium Bowl, 3526

We have been spending as much time as possible on improving the website recently, beginning to implement a series of changes that we hope will make it a much more useful internet antique pottery resource. We've tried to keep the overall look and feel of the site the same whilst introducing new services to it. Firstly, the new right-hand side bar provides links to an antique pottery guide, containing information about the marks used by most of the potteries whose wares we sell. Alongside this, we are working on providing a short history of each pottery listed on the site.

Some of this information has actually been on the website for quite some time, but previously has not been very easy to find. We hope to have rectified this now!

We are (we hope) saving the best until last, to coin a phrase, as we are presently also working on providing a searchable database of all the stock we have sold in the last 3-4 years. If this proves popular, we will do our best to develop it into a full online antique pottery price guide. Access to it will be free, and judging from the number of valuation and information requests we get by e-mail, we believe that all these changes will combine to offer a useful service to many of the visitors to our site.

If you have any thoughts on the changes, then by all means let us know, and as always, if you have any questions or requests we might be able to help with, then drop us a line.

Best wishes,

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