Perfect Pieces On The TV!

Perfect Pieces On The TV!

Over the last few months, BBC2 has been showing the second series of Antiques Master, a quiz show presented by Sandy Toksvig with expert advice from Eric Knowles. This television show, just in case you haven't seen or heard of it, is a bit like Mastermind for antiques. Each week is made up of three contestants who compete by answering questions on both their specialist antiques subject and on a wide variety of other subjects through three rounds.

In the 1st round each contestant is tested on their knowledge of their specialist subject with five antiques on pedestals for them to examine and select accordingly. The 2nd round sees them all examine five more pieces and arrange them in date order. Pieces in this round cover anything so it's a real test of their general knowledge. The contestant with the least number of points is then knocked out and the final two go onto a ‘fingers on buzzers’ round where the overall winner then goes through to the semi-finals.

Ruskin Pottery Blue Vase

This Monday, 19th September, at 8.30pm on BBC2 is the grand final of the series, where the three semi-final winners will battle it out. It will be interesting to see if this show takes a different format from the rest of the series and whether the tasks are harder than they've been up until now.

A few weeks ago one of our pieces was actually featured in the program - our blue Ruskin Pottery vase. Our vase was featured in the final round of the show, where both contestants were asked in which decade the Ruskin Pottery was founded (the 1890s). Both contestants got it wrong!

Upcoming Antiques Fairs

Here are a few upcoming antiques fairs over the next few months. Bear in mind this is not a comprehensive list! Check out your local paper or online for any others in your area.

A Few Of Our Latest Pieces

We have added quite a few new pieces to the Perfect Pieces website this month, including some early Troika vases, a Poole vase, and some nice PenDelfin rabbits. Here are some images of just a few of our latest pieces:

Poole Freeform Vase PRB Designed By Alfred Read & Decorated By Gwen Haskins Troika Coffin Vase - Simone Kilburn Troika St Ives Rectangular Vase Decorated By Marilyn Pascoe PenDelfin Lucy Pocket Rabbit - Jean Walmsley Heap
Poole PRB Pattern Vase, Troika Coffin Vase, Early Troika Vase, PenDelfin Lucy Pocket

That's it for now, but remember if you've visited any Antique Fairs recently that you think are worth a mention then just let us know!

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