Antiques Worldwide This Summer!

In most areas of the country you'll find either an Antique Centre, Antique Shop or general Bric-a-Brac store. Indeed if you go somewhere on a Sunday in the summer you'll probably come across either an Antique Fair or Car Boot especially if it's a nice sunny day. It seems too that even if you travel further afield into Europe you'll never be separated from shopping for Antiques.

We recently received a couple of photographs of Antique shops spotted in Norway so thought we'd put a collage together of different Antique Stores from all over Europe that we've acquired from our own visits and those emailed in from other people!

Antique and Collectable shop in Norway Antique shop in Bergen, Norway Antiques in Belgium Antiques in Norway Antique Ship in Meissen, Germany
Photos 1&2: Two Antique Shops in Bergen, Norway; Photo3: An Antique Shop in Bruges, Belgium; Photo 4: Antique Shop in Roros, Norway; Photo 5: An Antique Shop in Meissen in Germany.

So, bear in mind next time you're on your travels if you see an interesting Antiques & Collectables shop, snap a photograph of it and send it too us - it might be featured in our next collage!

We've recently added some interesting new pieces to the Perfect Pieces website including a very large and impressive shouldered Troika Rectangular vase decorated by Teo Bernatowitz and a very early Troika St Ives D-Plate.

Troika Pottery Large Rectangular Shouldered Vase Early Troika St Ives D plate
Troika large rectangular shouldered vase by Teo Bernatowitz & an early Troika St Ives D-Plate

That's it for now. Remember, if you visit any good Antique Fairs this summer or spot any interesting Antique Shops or centres then be sure to let us know!

Best wishes,

Perfect Pieces


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