Royal Weddings & Easter Eggs!

The sun has certainly been shining recently, pushing people outdoors into their gardens and perhaps to the odd Antique Fair! This month is of course the month of the Royal Wedding on the 29th April 2011 - an event that seems to have caught everybody’s attention within the UK and of course worldwide.

Events like this always generate lots of memorabilia, and it has to be said that for this wedding there seems to be an endless supply - almost every British pottery is producing some form of limited edition commemorative memorabilia!

The closest you can get to official memorabilia is to buy something from The Royal Collection Shop's Royal Wedding collection. The Royal Collection Shop is run by the Royal Collection Trust, an organisation which supports the maintenance of the royal art collection.

Crown Derby has also created a whole line of royal wedding collectables, ranging from Loving Cups and Celebration Clocks to limited edition Welsh Dragons. I have noticed that the Royal Crown Derby William & Katherine Loving Cup which was produced in a limited edition of 1000 and priced at £135 has already sold out! You can see Royal Crown Derby’s full selection of Royal Wedding Commemoratives here...

More modern pottery manufacturers such as Emma Bridgewater have also produced their own line of Royal Wedding memorabilia. Her range is designed with a more modern twist and spans everything from pint mugs and plates to tea towels. You can see Emma Bridgewater’s full selection of Royal commemorative products here...

Whether any of these collectables will increase in value or even maintain their purchase price is a subject for debate. Based on past royal weddings, many items may not appreciate in value. It is worth considering that although some items are limited editions, they are very large limited editions - so it will be a long time before they actually become rare!

If you’ve bought something then do please let us know - leave a comment here, so we can see what’s catching people’s eyes.

You can see our current selection of new stock - here, including some nice Troika pieces and a lovely Crown Devon fuchsia cruet set.

Crown Devon Pottery Cruet Set - Fuchsia Design Rare & Early PenDelfin Rabbit Squeezy Designed By Jean Walmsley Heap Troika Wheel Vase Decorated With Fish Design By Tina Doubleday
Crown Devon fuchsia cruet set, PenDelfin rabbit Squeezy and Troika wheel vase by Tina Doubleday.

That’s it for now, so for all of you celebrating Easter, have a sunny one, and for all of you tuning into the Royal Wedding, enjoy it!

Best wishes,

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