Burra Bears

Burra Bears - A Unique Piece Of Shetland

Teddy bears are hugely collectable with both young and old collectors. While famous brands such as Steiff are well known, perhaps less well known are Burra Bears, which hail from the small island of Burra, just off the west coast of the Shetland Mainland.

Made only from soft Shetland wool, knitted into traditional Fair Isle patterns, Burra Bears were originally made from old jumpers. Nowadays, there are not enough old jumpers to satisfy demand, so Burra Bear founder Wendy Inkster is forced to use new wool, instead - but she still makes sure it is local wool, locally knitted.Burra Bears

We discovered the bears whilst on holiday in the Shetland Islands and fell in love with them immediately. So much so, in fact, that we came home with one! Each teddy bear is given a traditional Shetland name, so no two bears end up the same!

Wendy makes three types of Burra Bear:

Many Burra Bears end up travelling a long way from their Shetland home, so to make sure that they stay comfortable while on the road, each Original and Peerie bear comes in its own Hessian bag with a window for it to see out of whilst travelling! Inside the bags youíll also find a postcard, so that they can write back to Wendy to tell her where they have ended up.

Itís really nice nowadays to find a genuine handmade, British collectable like these Burra Bears. Why not visit the Burra Bear website and take a look? Click here...

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Troika Slab - Marilyn Pascoe, Troika Cube - Anne Lewis, Pendelfin Rabbit Christmas Scene, Poole Pottery Delphis Dish - Carol Cutler & Troika Wheel Lamp Base.

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