Learning About Antiques & Collectables

Learning about antiques and collectables is a slow and sometimes confusing process. There are few definitive sources of information and learning about different types of pottery (or other antiques and collectables) can be difficult without spending a lot of money on reference books.

On top of that, any information relating to value tends to go out of date quite quickly. Price guides are the most notorious - many of them are little better than fantasy when published and rapidly become even more irrelevant. The only true valuations are actual sale prices - such as recent auction results and the sale prices we publish on the Perfect Pieces website.

What is The Answer?

There is no shortcut to experience, but one good source of current information is often magazines. These tend to include features and guides on different subjects each issue - meaning that over a few months, you can learn about several different areas of collecting for just a few pounds.

Antiques Info and Collect It! are two of the best-known UK collectors' magazines - with the former aimed more at the antiques market and the latter more at the collectables market. Each edition of both magazines tends to include:

Leafing through the last edition of Antiques Info, for example, I see feature articles about collecting Clarice Cliff, 19th century bronze animals, vintage wedding fashions and collecting Japanese Netsuke - a diverse mixture!

Over the years, both our photographs and our writing have appeared in Antiques Info and Collect It! magazines and we are not alone - some of the most interesting articles are written by or with the help of expert dealers, who can contribute real market knowledge to such articles and guides.

If any of this sounds useful to you, why not take a trip to your local newsagents and see what they have to offer? For the price of a couple of cups of coffee each month, you can learn a huge amount and stay up to date with fairs and auctions around the UK.

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Here you'll find a list of our past newsletters. They feature information on different potteries, some of our featured stock and information on antique fairs and general news from the antique and collectors world!

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