Springtime from a Tyneside pottery

Despite the recent wintry weather, daffodils, tulips and other spring flowers have started to burst into flower in the more sheltered spots of our garden. This welcome display of colour is always one of the first signs of spring and a welcome relief after the unremitting grey muddiness of the winter months.

With that in mind, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at spring flowers in pottery. One of the more commonly available patterns that comes to mind is Maling's Springtime pattern, which daffodils, tulips and other spring flowers to good effect.

Springtime was quite widely used on Maling's 1950s lustre wares - which although less finely decorated and higher volume than their 1930s counterparts, were nonetheless popular with collectors at the time.

Maling Pottery Springtime Pattern 6524 Bowl Maling Pottery Maling Pottery Springtime Pattern 6524 Bowl

Maling Pottery Springtime Pattern Bowl

The Springtime range was produced on a wide variety of shapes, normally applied on top of Maling's trademark swirled, handpainted coloured backgrounds (usually green, yellow, pink, red or blue). The Springtime pattern itself was applied using transfer printing, a process by which the inked pattern is transferred from an engraved plate to tissue paper and then applied to the body of the piece.

1950s patterns such as Springtime were often outlined in black; these later lustre wares often only had a single line of gilding around the rim, rather than having the whole pattern outlined in gold as was the case with 1930s pieces.

Today, Maling's 1950s lustre wares make a relatively affordable, accessible introduction to collecting Maling. There are enough examples on the market to allow buyers to be selective and acquire a range of shapes, too.

Happy Easter!

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