Poole Pottery: Phoenix from the Ashes?

Poole Pottery's sad demise last year was quite widely documented, including in our blog.

The auctioning-off of Poole's archives and its previous bankruptcies should have been all the warning anyone needed that things were going wrong, but it was still a shame when the pottery finally went into administration, leaving pottery staff to be sent home just before Christmas 2006 without a job to come back to.

Stoke-based ceramics manufacturer Lifestyle then purchased the remains of Poole Pottery, with a view to using its existing production facilities at the Royal Stafford factory in Stoke. While it's disappointing that production will no longer take place in Poole, it's reassuring that Lifestyle are investing time and money in revitalising this great pottery.

Poole Pottery was one of the oldest potteries in the UK - with over 125 years of continuous pottery production in Poole. Over the last century in particular, the company produced some very fine examples of decorative earthenware, capturing fashionable design ideas and creating, for me, some of the most timeless and enduring designs around:

Poole Studio Ware Fish Wall Plaque, Robert Jefferson Poole Vase Shape 271 Pattern PB Poole Pottery Plate Deer Pattern Poole Delphis Vase Shape 93 Decorated by Carol Cutler Poole GPA Truda Carter Pattern Jug Shape 305

Poole Carter Stabler Adams Vase PN Pattern Margaret Holder Poole Delphis Bowl Shape 57 Patricia Wells Poole Freeform Vase 702 PLC (Peanut or Marrow shape) Alfred Read Poole Nursery Ware Nursery Toys Pattern Mug Truda Carter Poole Carter Stabler & Adams (C.S.A) Jug KZ / 301

The good news in 2008 is that Poole Pottery is back with some new designs and a new website - www.poolepottery.co.uk. The site is still quite new and has three main sections:

The pottery is divided across two locations at present - a studio in Poole and the factory in Stoke, with some key staff in both. Happily, Lifestyle have also retained some of the old designers - the creative team at Poole still includes Nicola Massarella and Alan White, two designers who have between them have nearly seven decades of Poole experience!

It's good news that the pottery is up and running again - but only time will tell whether Poole will be able to get over the disappointments of the last few years and start winning back market share with original, new designs. Let's hope so.

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