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The Carlton Ware story began in Stoke on Trent as a partnership between J. F. Wiltshaw and W. H. Robinson. Wiltshaw & Robinson created a company that in various incarnations was to last over 100 years, and indeed has recently been revived again under the ownership of Francis Joseph.

W & R soon adopted the Carlton Ware brand name and started to add it to the early ranges of blush & vellum ware, competing with then market leaders Fieldings Crown Devon. Carlton Ware made quality a key selling point from the beginning and over the years this was maintained, helping them gain a strong foothold in almost every market they entered.

W&R Carlton Ware Ivory and Black Large Ginger Jar, Temple Pattern 3027, c1923-1927W&R Carlton Ware Vase Decorated in the Persian Pattern c1894-1927

Over the years Carlton Ware have produced many different ranges, but arguably their finest years came between the two World Wars when their fantastic ranges of decorative lustre wares were first made. Beautiful gilded and enamelled patterns on rich lustre backgrounds were very successful, with a series of Oriental patterns capturing the publics' fascination with the mysterious Orient. Other patterns, such as Tutankhamen echoed events of the day while still more designs captured the spirit of the burgeoning Art Deco movement.

W&R Carlton Ware Blue Vase Temple Pattern 2929 Shape 139, c1923-27Carlton Ware Handcraft Toastrack Delphinium Pattern 3273, c1929-39Carlton Ware Handcraft Backstamp MarkCarlton Ware Handcraft Vase Chevron Pattern 3657, c1929-39Carlton Ware Vert Royale Trinket Box

Production of lustre wares continued after the second world ware, notably with the Royale ranges (Vert, Noir, Bleu and Rouge). There were many other successful ranges, but worthy of mention are the handcraft and embossed ranges which were introduced in the 1930s and were made in large volumes, although their reasonable selling prices when new means that many pieces were used and good examples of the rarer patterns are getting harder to find.

Carlton Ware Australian Design Embossed Charger Hydrangea Pattern Impressed 2165

Carlton Ware had many other successes as a pottery - for many years they made tableware as well as decorative wares, and they were the first to market oven to table ware - and the diversity of their output is hard to capture in a short article. If you are interested in Carlton Ware, the best approach is to search around and see what you find and what catches your interest - there will probably be something that you like.

Carlton Ware Flat Back Money Bank Orange Cat Impressed 2944

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