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Known best today for their Art Deco Burleigh Ware ceramics, the Burgess & Leigh pottery came into existence in 1851, in Burslem, Staffordshire. Early Burgess & Leigh pottery marks include the words "Hill Pottery" until around 1889, and Middleport Pottery from 1889 until the present day. These names reflect the pottery's move from the Hill Pottery to the larger and more modern Middleport Pottery, which took place in 1889.

Burleigh Ware Parrot

During the 1930s, Burgess & Leigh's Burleigh Ware ranges became very popular, capturing the Art Deco style, and offering brightly coloured, bold and attractively shaped designs. Still popular today and amongst the most recognisable Burleigh Ware designs are the jugs. Produced in a range of colours and designs, the yellow jugs are most collectable today, with animal and human character handles ranging from the relatively common parrot through to the extremely rare guardsman.

Bureligh Ware Parrot Handle Jug

Several other ranges were produced during the 1930s Burleigh Ware period, including coffee sets, some aping the angular design and huge popularity of Shelley's Mode and Vogue shapes, as well as a range of boldly-decorated vases.

Although it has a lower profile than some other Art Deco pottery, Burleigh Ware shouldn't be overlooked as a stylish collectable Art Deco pottery.

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