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For more than 250 years, Royal Worcester has been a byword for the highest quality English porcelain. Founded in 1751 in Worcester, on the banks of the River Severn, the founders, led by Dr. John Wall, developed a method for producing high-quality porcelain - rare in England at that time. Funding was subsequently secured to establish the first factory to produce Worcester Porcelain. Royal Worcester first gained a royal warrant in 1789, and this has been maintained to the present day.

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Through a long and sometimes complicated history, Royal Worcester's superb quality porcelain and traditional designs have always distinguished its wares, and have gained Royal Worcester porcelain a legion of loyal collectors throughout the world. Today, Royal Worcester continues to trade, but global competition and a merger with Spode have taken its toll, and in recent years, the need to cut costs has led to much production being moved abroad and to Stoke-on-Trent, and large numbers of staff being made redundant.

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