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Moorcroft pottery emerged in 1912 from a studio within James Macintyre & Son, as a young and determined William Moorcroft proved both his artistic talent and business acumen by securing funding from Liberty and developing Moorcroft into a distinctively-styled brand. Moorcroft pottery has captured the imagination of pottery collectors for nearly a century, and has earned numerous awards and royal warrants.

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Moorcroft's distinctive slip-trailed (tube-lined) wares have always formed the bulk of their decorative output, but ranges such as Flamminian Ware, made for Liberty, have their own dedicated followers, and are rare and desirable. Upon William Moorcroft's death, in 1945, his son Walter took control of the company, continuing the work his father had started. Walter Moorcroft's success is illustrated by the fact that today, Moorcroft continue to trade from their original Sandbach Road, Cobridge factory to this day.

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