ITEM P674b - PenDelfin Leaflet Featuring Moppit - 16 Page PenDelfin Pamphlet

SOLD Feb 2017

PenDelfin leaflet with the PenDelfin Moppit rabbit on the front. The PenDelfin Moppit was designed by Jean Walmsley Heap and introduced into the PenDelfin rabbit family in c1996. This PenDelfin brochure opens up like a book and contains 12 pages of PenDelfin rabbits and PenDelfin stands that were available to PenDelfin collectors when the brochure was issued.

Inside this PenDelfin brochure are many PenDelfin scenes including one page with the PenDelfin Jetty and The Wishing Well with Pipkin, Whopper and Barney all happily standing around! On another page it features the PenDelfin exclusive pieces The Caravan and the PenDelfin Curiosity Shop whilst further on in the brochure are details of the PenDelfn Village Tales books, The Family, Barney and Whopper along with the The PenDelfin Story recollected by Jean Walmsley Heap.

Condition: Very good overall condition. A lovely brochure to add to your collection.

PenDelfin Leaflet Featuring Moppit - 16 Page PenDelfin Pamphlet