ITEM P672a - PenDelfin Leaflet Introducing Tiddler

SOLD Oct 2012

PenDelfin leaflet introducing the PenDelfin Tiddler rabbit that was designed by Doreen Noel Roberts. The PenDelfin Tiddler was introduced into the PenDelfin rabbit family in 1996 and retired in 2002.

This PenDelifn leaflet is double-sided with the PenDelfin Tiddler rabbit with his fish pictured on the front and the PenDelfin Christmas Series on the reverse - PenDelfin Christmas Island, the PenDelfin Christmas Cabin and the PenDelfin rabbit Bobby alongside ready on his sledge!

Condition: Excellent overall condition.

PenDelfin Leaflet <i>Introducing Tiddler</i>