The Realms of Wedgwood Pottery

If you’re looking for a piece of Wedgwood pottery maybe something related to Keith Murray then you should definitely take a look in our Wedgwood pottery section.

The range of pieces relating to Keith Murray is vast so the best start is to take a flick through the Keith Murray Information Book & Price Guide. This will give you a good start as to the style of items and the different shapes and purposes available.

We currently have this book on offer for only £12 including UK postage and packaging. Click here for details.

Once you’ve browsed your way through and got some ideas together, you’re probably best setting yourself a budget otherwise you could easily get carried away!

For example if you have around £50 to spend then why not consider a Keith Murray tankard? They can range in style and colour so there’s endless collecting options!  Here’s a nice and slightly unusual yellow tankard we currently have for sale:

Priced at £40 INCLUDING UK postage and packaging it’s right on the mark. Click here to see further pictures and information on this KM tankard.

If you’ve got more like £150 then why not consider something a little more unusual such as this green Keith Murray powder bowl and cover?

Looking a bit like an apple it’s an interesting piece – and practical, you could easily use it day to day to store pins, paperclips or slides in it for example. Priced at only £110 including UK postage and packing it’s well under budget. For further pictures please click here.

If you have no limit then why not consider a large and striking piece that would fit comfortably in any home – be it modern or traditional. This white Keith Murray open shoulder vase is a lovely example.

Standing 9.5″ tall and measuring 8″ wide at the top it is an imposing piece and is priced at only £270 including UK postage and packaging. Click here to see further photographs an details about this stunning vase.

I hope that’s given you some ideas!

Click here to view our current selection of Wedgwood pottery.

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