Useful Websites No. 2: Cornish Ceramics

As I’ve mentioned before, decent British antique and collectable websites appear to be few and far between on the internet, but there are some.

One example is the Digital Museum of Cornish Ceramics.

It’s home to a huge range of information about many of the studio potteries that have been based in Cornwall over the years. Most notable for many collectors is its collection of information on Troika pottery marks and artists.

Although we also have a fairly wide selection of Troika marks and decorators’ marks, John Mole, the curator of the Cornish Ceramics Museum site, is in touch with many of the original artists at Troika and has been able to verify many of the trickier and more controversial marks – making his site a very useful reference tool.

John also has a fairly comprehensive guide to Troika pottery designs and shapes.

Troika Cornwall St Ives Cylinder vase, cube vase and marmalade pot

Although the site covers a vast range of other material, I have concentrated on Troika as it is currently one of the most popular and collectable of Cornish potteries.

Also notable and popular at present are the work of the Leach Pottery and that of Carn Pottery, which is still active today.

A note of warning on Carn pottery: If you go to an antique and collectors fair around the UK and see large amounts of the blue/white carn for sale, be aware that it is probably new or very nearly so. Pieces such as these are still being made in considerable quantities and are available from gift shops and the like in Cornwall for quite competitive prices:

Carn pottery, cat vase and others

Be warned and a little sceptical if anyone tries to tell you they are hard to get hold of. Only older pieces are hard to find. See for an excellent book on Carn.

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