Troika Pottery Marmalade Vase – Linda Taylor

We have recently added a new Troika marmalade vase to our Troika pottery page.

Troika Marmalade Vase - Linda Taylor

This marmalade vase has rather an unusual design with the T emblem on one side and a mushroom design on the other! The T design is often collected so that it can be displayed at the front of a collection (T for Troika), so it’s even nicer that it has an unusual pattern on the other side.

This particular marmalade vase has been decorated by Linda Taylor who worked at the pottery until the early 1970s when they were based in Newlyn in Cornwall.

Troika has become hugely collectable over recent years. Only operating for 20 years it was originally founded in 1963 in St. Ives in Cornwall. During it’s time it produced a wide range of decorative items ranging from smooth glazed wares to textured items such as this marmalade vase.

If you have any questions about the Troika pottery or this particular marmalade vase don’t hesitate to ask!

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