Striking Troika Pottery Cube Vase & Tall Troika Rectangular Vase

New additions to our Troika pottery section today are a striking blue Troika cube vase and a tall and imposing Troika rectangular vase, pictured below.

The Troika cube vase has been fully decorated with a blue base and abstract decoration picked out in co-ordinating colours, by Troika decorator Teo Bernatowitz. Teo only worked at the pottery for around 18 months around 1974 so her work is highyl collected.

The Troika rectangular vase has been decorated by Louise Jinks. With a stunning abstract decoration picked out with a green base and strong blues this is an imposing vase with very striking decoration.

For further information on any of the Troika vases we currently have for sale, please visit our Troika pottery section, here.

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