New Troika Pottery Pieces Added

We have just added three super Troika pottery vases to our Troika pottery section – these are a Troika Coffin vase and two Troika pottery Cube vases in different colourways!

All these three pieces of Troika are from the Troika textured range and were made when the pottery were based in Newlyn in Cornwall, so date from 1970 onwards.

The brown Troika Cube vase and the Troika Coffin vase were both decorated by Alison Brigden. Alison Brigden worked at the Troika pottery during the late 1970s until 1983. She actually became a senior decorator from 1981! You can see an example of her Troika mark below:

The blue Troika Cube vase was decorated by Linda Taylor who worked at the Troika pottery slightly earlier on than Alison, from the late 1960’s to the early 1970’s. See an example of her Troika mark below:

For further information about the other Troika decorators and the range of pottery marks used by the Troika pottery then why not take a look at our Troika Pottery Marks guide? Click here.

You can see further details and pictures of all these Troika pottery vases simply – click here. Remember if you do have any questions about any of these Troika pieces or anything else on the Perfect Pieces website then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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