Item of the Month: Early Troika St Ives Rectangular Vase

Each month on Perfect Pieces, we feature a single item from our stock on the home page, at a specially-discounted price that will only be available for a limited period.

This month’s featured item is an early Troika St Ives rectangular vase. This 8″ vase dates from Troika’s early period, when the pottery was based at Cornwall’s artistic hub, St Ives, and was handpainted by one of Troika’s earliest decorators, Sylvia Vallance. Vallance only worked at the pottery from 1967-69, enabling us to date this vase quite precisely.

(On the base of most pieces of Troika is a unique decorator’s mark that enables you to identify the artist who painted the piece. By combining the artist’s employment dates with the pottery marking, it’s often possible to date pieces quite accurately. You can see a large number of Troika markings on our Troika pottery marks page.)

This vase is quite unusual because it combines a popular shape — the rectangular vase — which was used right through the 1970s, with a much earlier style of decoration. The brown-black glaze used by Sylvia Vallance is a hallmark of early Troika that fell out of use soon after this piece was made, and while the body of the vase is patterned, it is much less three-dimensional than later examples, which often had substantial moulded decoration.

The vase offers a relatively rare opportunity to buy a good quality early piece of Troika that provides an interesting contrast with the more common and boldly-painted textured pieces. Pieces made during Troika’s St Ives period (1963-1970) are comparatively rare, making them an interesting addition to any Troika collection.

I’ve included some photographs below, but for larger pictures and full details of this piece, click here:

Troika St Ives rectangular vase

A Troika St Ives period rectangular vase, dating 1967-69 and decorated by Sylvia Vallance.

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