Buy Troika Pottery With Glazed Tops!

If you’re looking to buy Troika Pottery and want to combine their popular textured designs with some of their glazed features then here are a few different Troika styles you could consider:

Troika Pottery Vase - Judith Illsley Marmalade Vase Troika Pottery vase - Shouldered Cylinder by Simone Kilburn Troika Pottery vase - Troika Chimney vase, Sue Lowe

Troika Marmalade vase, Troika shouldered cylinder vase & Troika Chimney vase

The first Troika vase pictured is a Troika Pottery marmalade vase. This is a square shaped textured vase with a smooth glazed rounded top – perfect as a pen pot!

The second Troika vase pictured is called a Troika shouldered cylinder vase. This is like the standard cylinder vase the Troika Pottery produced but has the addition of a nice smooth glazed rounded top.

The final Troika vase pictured is the lovely Troika chimney vase. A Chimney vase is like a Troika slab vase but with the addition of a smooth glazed chimney top. The narrow sides are also glazed and occasionally you may find a fully-glazed example.

We have a wide selection of Troika Pottery for sale – click here to see our current selection of Troika vases. If you’re looking for a specific piece then just get in touch.



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