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Insider’s Guide To the Antiques Roadshow

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the Antiques Roadshow? How much preparation goes into each valuation?

Wonder no more!

Ipswich Evening Star reporter James Marston took some of his family heirlooms along to the Antiques Roadshow when they filmed in Suffolk recently. In an article on the newspaper’s website, he gives the low down on what happens behind the scenes and what it’s like being on the receiving end of a real valuation.

The good news is that it seems a lot more genuine than some of the other programmes –at least in our experience.

Check out Marston’s article here for all the details.

Michael Aspel, the Antiques Roadshow & Lustful Ladies

You’ve got to laugh. Today’s Sun has an interview with Michael Aspel in which he reveals that “There are a lot of lustful ladies on the roadshow – they get very physical.”

The 74-year-old silver-haired presenter goes on to admit that despite having stalkers of both sexes in his younger days, he believes the secret to the longevity of his career has been his blandness, saying that as people didn’t remember him, “they didn’t get bored”.

Aspel has now handed over the reins of the Antiques Roadshow to newsreader Fiona Bruce, but does not admit to being retired, saying that “you only retire when the phone stops ringing”.