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Genuine Troika Pottery For Sale – Ideal Christmas Presents!

If you’re looking for a Troika vase for Christmas then be sure to check out the pieces of Troika Pottery we’ve recently added to the Perfect Pieces website.

All our Troika vases are genuine Troika Pottery and were produced and painted in the original Troika pottery between 1963 and 1983.

Troika vase - Medium wheel vase by Jane Fitzgerald Troika slab vase by Linda Taylor Troika shouldered cylinder vase by Simone Kilburn Troika St Ives cube vase

Stunning medium Troika wheel vase, Troika slab vase, large shouldered Troika cylinder vase, and early St Ives glazed Troika vase.

We have a wide range of genuine Troika vases for sale including many textured pieces such as Troika Marmalade vases as well as some nice white glazed Troika pieces including a lovely Troika double eggcup.

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Unusual Troika Pottery Cube Vase With Helmet Design…

A new addition to the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section is this superb Troika pottery Cube vase with a helmet design on one side:

Troika Pottery Cube Vase

This is a textured Troika Cube vase decorated by Anne Lewis. The cube vase produced by the Troika pottery is a popular shape and can be found with many different designs and abstract patterns. This particular Troika vase has a helmet design on one side that has been picked out in the decoration in a vivid blue – really highlighting the design.

We have added several new pieces of Troika pottery to the Perfect Pieces website including an unusual slab vase and a super Troika wheel lamp.

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