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Two New Pieces Of Troika Pottery – Little & Large!

We have recently added two new pieces of Troika pottery to the Perfect Pieces Troika pottery collection. These are a Troika pottery Cube vase and a tall Troika Rectangular vase, both pictured below.

The first Troika piece pictured here is a Troika pottery Cube vase. This piece decorated by Annette Walters is a textured piece decorated with abstract patterns on all sides. Click here for further information and photographs.

The second piece pictured above is a tall Troika rectangular vase. Decorated all over with a green base this piece has very interesting patterns on most sides including a horse shoe motif on one! Click here for further pictures and information.

We currently have a wide selection of Troika pottery for sale including Troika Marmalade vases, Troika Spice vases, Troika wheel vases, Troika Slab vases and and early Troika St Ives double egg cup.

Click here to view our current stock of Troika Pottery pieces for sale

Striking Troika Pottery Cube Vase & Tall Troika Rectangular Vase

New additions to our Troika pottery section today are a striking blue Troika cube vase and a tall and imposing Troika rectangular vase, pictured below.

The Troika cube vase has been fully decorated with a blue base and abstract decoration picked out in co-ordinating colours, by Troika decorator Teo Bernatowitz. Teo only worked at the pottery for around 18 months around 1974 so her work is highyl collected.

The Troika rectangular vase has been decorated by Louise Jinks. With a stunning abstract decoration picked out with a green base and strong blues this is an imposing vase with very striking decoration.

For further information on any of the Troika vases we currently have for sale, please visit our Troika pottery section, here.

Large Troika Pottery Rectangular Vases – Honor Curtis & Teo Bernatowitz

If you’re looking for a classic Troika pottery vase then why not take a look at the two new Troika rectangular vases recently added to the Perfect Pieces website? We have examples from the St. Ives period and the slightly later Newlyn period.

The first vase shown above is an early Troika rectangular vase with an unusual pattern, dating to c1969-1970. Decorated by the well-known Honor Curtis this vase displays a temple design on one side and an abstract face design on another.

The second Troika vase above dates slightly later, c1974, when the pottery were based in Newlyn in Cornwall. This vase has been decorated by Teo Bernatowitz who only worked at the pottery for around 18 months c1974, making her work quite collectable.

For further information on both these vases and the other Troika vases we have in stock please visit out Troika pottery section – click here.

Rare & Unusual Troika St Ives Pottery Rectangular Vase

If you’re looking for a nice piece of Troika ware from the St. Ives period then take a look at our Troika Pottery section as we have just added a superb Troika St Ives Rectangular vase with a really unusual design.

This Troika vase is called a rectangular vase and belongs to the textured range that the pottery produced. It has the earlier Troika St Ives pottery mark indicating it is an early vase made when the pottery was based in St. Ives (1960-1970). This particular example has been decorated by Honor Curtis who worked at the pottery from 1968 until 1973. She used the mark on this vase from 1969 onwards so we can date this vase to c1969-1970.

It has been decorated with a brown base with the decoration on some sides being picked out in creams, deep browns and whites with part-glazed sections. On one side it has the Temple pattern, which is very similar to the Troika Taj Mahal pattern, and on another side it has an abstract face design picked out in brown and white glaze.

For further pictures and information on this striking Troika vase please – click here. Do remember of you have an questions or are looking for a particular piece of Troika pottery then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Large Troika Rectangular Vase by Avril Bennet

A recent addition to our Troika pottery section is this superb and very striking vase from the Troika pottery’s textured range – a large Troika Rectangular vase.

This particular Troika pottery vase has been decorated with a deep blue base  with contrasting creamy brown abstract patterns around the body of the vase making it a very striking and eye-catching piece. It has been decorated by the popular Avril Bennet who worked at the Troika pottery when they were based in Newlyn in Cornwall, England, in the 1970’s.

For further information and pictures of this colourful blue Troika piece – click here, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.