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Linda Hazel Troika Marmalade Vase – FOR SALE

A new addition to the Perfect Pieces Troika pottery section is this unusual Troika Pottery Marmalade vase with a face design on one side:

This Troika vase has been decorated by Linda Hazel who worked at Troika during the 1970’s when it was located in Newlyn in Cornwall, England. It has a brown oatmeal base and is finished with a deep blue glazed rounded top. With abstract decoration to each side there is something different to look at from all angles.

The Troika Marmalade vases are popular pieces – they are affordable to most collectors, are a nice mix of Troika’s textured and glazed wares, and are a practical shape for use if you want to! We have a wide selection of other Troika pottery vases for sale including early St Ives pieces and other shapes including wheel vases and spice vases.

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Troika Pottery For Sale – Troika Marmalade Vase by Jane Fitzgerald Added To Perfect Pieces

A new addition to our Troika pottery shop is this lovely Troika pottery Marmalade vase decorated by Jane Fitzgerald.

Jane Fitzgerald worked at the Cornish pottery when it was based in Newlyn in Cornwall from 1976 until 1983 when it closed. This Marmalade vase has been decorated in brown with the abstract decoration picked out in darker shades of brown and finished with a deep blue glazed top.

The Troika Marmalade vase has become a collectable shape due to its size – they are approximately 10cm tall and around 8cm square, their varied decoration and their affordability.

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Selection of Troika Pottery Marmalade Vases For Sale

In the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section you will find a nice selection of Troika Marmalade vases.

These Troika vases are approximately 9cm high and 8cm square with a glazed rounded top and make a perfect gift for someone starting a collection of Troika, for someone who wants a pieces of this ever-so talked about Cornish pottery or simply for someone who admires studio style pottery – so why not take a look?

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You can see from the four Troika Marmalade vases pictured above that there’s a wide range of style, design and colouring to be had just in this one Troika pottery shape.

The Troika pottery only operated for 20 years from 1963 until 1983 and was based in Cornwall in England. To read more about the history of this popular pottery please visit our Guide To British Potteries – CLICK HERE.

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Wide Range Of Troika Marmalade Vases For Sale

If you’re thinking of buying a Troika pottery Marmalade vase then there’s certainly a wide range to choose from.

The Troika marmalade vase is a popular Troika vase that is within most people’s budgets and comes in a variety of colours, styles and designs. One Troika Marmalade vase can be very different to another Marmalade vase.

The Marmalade was first introduced when the pottery was based in St Ives in Cornwall (it moved to Newlyn in 1970). Based on this you can find early examples with the Troika St Ives pottery mark dating pre-1970’s such as the one illustrated below:

Typical in style to other Troika pieces form that era this vase has a brown wash base with large circles decorating all four sides and is fully marked with the Troika St Ives pottery mark on its base.

Later Marmalade vases dating from the 1970’s onwards from the Newlyn period will be marked with a combination of Troika, Cornwall and England and can have a varied style of decoration – see some examples below:

The base colour is usually cream, brown, blue or green but patterns can vary hugely, including animals, abstract design, letters or even stick people!


Two Troika Pottery Marmalade Vases On Sale!

Two stunning Cornish Troika pottery Marmalade vases are currently on sale in our Troika Pottery section.

Two Troika Marmalade Vases on sale for only £115 each inc UK P&P!

These Marmalade vases have been decorated by Penny Black who worked at the pottery from the 1960’s until 1976. Decorated with interesting abstract and recognisable designs on all sides they are lovely vases, typical of the textured range that the Troika pottery produced.

Both vases are currently on sale and are now only £115 each including UK postage and packaging by Royal Mail Special Delivery. This service guarantees next working day delivery by 1pm so if you’re in a hurry that’s no problem!

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Early Troika Pottery Marmalade Vase

New to our Troika pottery section today is this stunning early St Ives period Troika pottery Marmalade vase.

This vase is from the St Ives period of the pottery before it later moved to Newlyn in Cornwall. Dating pre-1970’s it has been decorated with a brown coloured base and circle motifs on each side. Fully marked to the base with the black painted Troika pottery mark it also has the decorators mark of Marilyn Pascoe who worked at the pottery from the late 1960’s until c1974.

For further information and pictures of this Troika vase please, click here.

New Troika Pottery Pieces – Troika Marmalade Vase & Troika Rectangular Vase

We have just added two new superb Troika pottery vases to our Troika pottery section – a Troika Marmalade vase and a large colourful Troika Rectangular vase both from the Troika Pottery’s textured range.

The Troika Marmalade vase has been decorated with a brown base with orange and white decoration, finished with a deep glazed top. This particular Troika vase has been decorated by Louise Jinks who worked at the Cornish pottery from 1976 until 1981. She became a senior decorator at the pottery in 1979. You can see an example of her Troika pottery mark below.

The large and colourful Troika Rectangular vase we have just added to our Troika Pottery section has been decorated with tones of green with blue and glazed decoration around the body of the vase. Alison Brigden is the decorator of this stunning Troika vase. She worked at the Troika pottery from 1977 until 1983 and she too became a senior decorator, in 1981.

To see further information and pictures on both these lovely Troika Pottery vases visit our Troika Pottery section – click here.