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NEW – Troika Pottery Coffin Vase

A new addition to the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section is this lovely Troika Coffin vase:

Troika pottery Coffin Vase

Troika Pottery Coffin Vase – click here for further pictures

The Troika Coffin vase belongs to the textured range the Cornish pottery designed being of a textured design. It is called a Coffin vase due to its shape – being like a coffin! This vase has been decorated in an oatmeal colour with the striking abstract decoration picked out in bright greens and creams.

We have a wide range of Troika pottery for sale including a stunning Troika lamp base – perfect for any living room, Troika marmalade vases, tall Troika Rectangular vases and Troika Wheel vases to name a few!

CLICK HERE To view our full selection of Troika Pottery For Sale

Rare Troika Pottery White Glazed Lamp Base For Sale

Welcome to 2011!

Here at Perfect Pieces we’re just catching up with everything after the Christmas & New Year break.

We did notice a most unusual Troika pottery lamp on eBay. It is a white glazed square Troika lamp base with a blue circular centre standing approximately 12″ tall.  This piece is from when the pottery was based in Newlyn in Cornwall and has the same characteristics and style of the earlier St Ives white glazed pieces. It has been decorated by Louise Jinks (later McClary) who worked at the Troika pottery from c1976 – 1981. She actually became a senior decorator from 1979. It is a rather unusual piece, this shape and style are not often seen.

As always with eBay please be sure you’re totally comfortable with the seller and the item listing BEFORE bidding. If in doubt about anything contact the seller and ask questions – you can always judge how honest & good people are by their responses. Here are a few pointers on things to check BEFORE bidding on any item on eBay:

  • Always check the photographs clearly by enlarging them if possible.
  • Carefully read the item description for any detailing of faults/damage etc.
  • ALWAYS check the seller’s feedback to see how other people have rated them.
  • Note where the seller is based – you don’t want to be hit with any unexpected overseas postage charges if they’re not based within the UK.
  • Take note of the postage charges before bidding and the postal service being used. It’s always good to pay for a tracked service so you keep track of where/when your parcel was posted if need be.
  • If in doubt CONTACT THE SELLER with any other questions /queries
  • Check out the seller’s Return Policy.
  • And finally, if you have any doubts at all it’s always best not to bid!

Bear in mind this list is by no means exhaustive, when buying off eBay you are buying from an unknown.

If you have any unusual pieces of Troika pottery then leave us a comment below, it’s always nice to see & hear about the many different pieces that this very popular pottery created.

Troika Pottery Ideas For Christmas Presents…

If you’re thinking of purchasing a piece of Troika pottery for someone’s Christmas present or even just for yourself for Christmas then be sure to check out the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section.

We have a wide range of Troika pottery pieces for sale, ranging from the smaller pieces such as Troika marmalade vases and Cube vases, through to Troika slab vases and larger Troika lamp bases. I have pictured a small range from our selection below:

Troika Marmalade vase, Troika Spice vase, Troika Chimney vase and a Troika Wheel lamp base

Troika Pottery is one of our specialist areas and we often have a wide range of pieces to choose from. The pottery which only operated for around 20 years has become hugely collectable and as a result you should be aware that there are pieces out there that are not true Troika pottery pieces. People often ask what do you mean “not true Troika Pottery”, what we mean is pieces that are not originally and 100% made by the pottery when it was open from c1963 until c1983. These can be pieces that have had “Troika” written on the bottom of them or even white wares from the pottery that have been painted by somebody else. Our advice is that you should always buy from a reputable place and from someone you can trust!


In Time For Christmas – A Troika Pottery Wheel Lamp Base By Jane Fitzgerald

The latest addition to the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section just in time for Christmas is this superb Troika pottery medium wheel lamp base:

Troika Pottery Wheel Lamp Base

This particular Troika lampbase has been decorated by Jane Fitzgerald and dates from when the pottery was based in Newlyn in Cornwall, England. It is a medium sized wheel lamp base with decoration on both sides – the front having an attractive sun motif picked out in cream and yellow.

We have a wide selection of Troika pottery for sale in time for Christmas, including another stunning Troika lamp base, this time a heavily coloured blue medium wheel lampbase:


Troika Pottery Vases and Troika Lampbase

The latest additions to our Troika pottery section are a striking blue Troika Marmalade vase, an interestingly patterned Troika wheel vase and a rectangular Troika pottery lampbase.

Troika Marmalade Vase, Troika Wheel Vase & Troika Rectangular Lampbase

All these pieces are in excellent condition and display the black painted Troika pottery mark on their bases which was in use by the pottery when they were based in Newlyn, Cornwall, during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Each one is decorated by a different Troika decorator and show a small section of the range that the Troika pottery produced during its 20 years.

For further images and information on any of these Troika items, please visit our Troika pottery section – here.