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Looking To Buy Some Troika Pottery?

Are you thinking of buying some Troika? This eye-catching pottery has become a firm favourite with collectors in recent years, and you’ve probably seen it on TV or handled it at an antique fair or antique centre. The most popular type of Troika is its textured ware, which combines a textured finish with colourful, moulded designs. When it was new, it was considered to be very modern and unlike many antiques and collectables, Troika fits in really well with the style and design of modern homes, thanks to its abstract designs, bold colours and simple yet creative shapes.

We have a wide range of Troika for sale ranging from the smaller textured Troika Marmalade vases and Troika Cube vases to larger pieces such as the textured Troika Rectangular vases, which make really stylish display pieces.

Troika Marmalade vase by Teo Bernatowitz

Textured Troika Marmalade vase by Teo Bernatowitz


A lesser-known type of Troika is the pottery’s smooth-glazed ware. This was one of the pottery’s early ranges and was made in quite low volumes, making it rarer today. It’s completely different in style to the textured ware, although it does use some of the same shapes.

Most pieces are based on a white glaze with green, blue or black decoration, as I’ve shown in the pictures below. Some unusual items are glazed completely in black, too!

Pictured below are two lovely pieces we currently have for sale – an eye catching glazed Troika St Ives cube vase and a lovely glazed Troika St Ives egg cup.

Troika St Ives Glazed Cube vase

Troika St Ives Glazed Double Egg Cup

So, if you’re thinking about starting a Troika collection and buying Troika Pottery then do check out the current selection of Troika Pottery we have for sale.

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NEW STOCK – Superb Troika Double Egg Cup By Marilyn Pascoe

One of the latest additions to the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section is this lovely smooth glazed white Troika Pottery double egg cup:

Troika Pottery Double Egg Cup - Marilyn Pascoe

Troika Egg Cup By Marilyn Pascoe

This Troika piece is nicely decorated with the base decoration in vivid blues with black spots contrasting perfectly with the smooth glazed white of the body of the egg cups. It has been decorated by Marilyn Pascoe and can be dated to the early part of when the pottery was based in Newlyn in Cornwall, England.

We have a wide selection of Troika Pottery for sale including many early pieces. If you’re thinking of Christmas presents then to ensure you receive your gift before Christmas please don’t leave ordering too late!

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