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Two Troika Pottery Coffin Vases – For Sale

We have recently added some new Troika pottery to the Perfect pieces Troika pottery section – this includes two lovely Troika Pottery Coffin vases (pictured below):

Troika Coffin Vase – Simone Kilburn and Troika Coffin Vase – Jane Fitzgerald

Both these Coffin vases are from the Newlyn period and are textured on all four sides. The first Coffin vase pictured features the Stick man design on the side a lovely detail. This particular vase was decorated by Simone Kilburn who only worked at the Cornish pottery for a few years from c1975 until 1977.

The second Troika vase pictured was decorated by Jane Fitzgerald and features the popular T motif. With a heavy abstract decoration picked out in contrasting colours it’s a super Troika vase.

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