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NEW STOCK – Troika Pottery Chimney Vase By Alison Brigden

A new piece of Troika Pottery to the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section is this superb Troika Pottery Chimney vase decorated by Alison Brigden:

Troika Chimney vase, Alison Brigden

This is a really lovely Troika Chimney vase decorated with a textured front and back and lovely white glazed sides and chimney top. This genuine Troika vase dates from c1977-1983 and was made when the pottery was based in Newlyn, in Cornwall, England. Click here to view more photos and information on this stunning Troika vase.

In our Troika Pottery section you’ll find a wide range of Troika vases for sale ranging from smaller Troika marmalade vases to larger early Troika St Ives rectangular vases.

CLICK HERE – To view our full selection of Troika Pottery for sale.

Genuine Troika Pottery For Sale – Perfect For Christmas!

If you’re still trying to find that perfect Christmas present then why not consider a piece of Troika Pottery?

We have a wide selection of Troika for sale and all our Troika pieces are guaranteed genuine Troika pottery made by the Troika Pottery between c1963 until it closed in c1983. Prices of the Troika Pottery we currently have for sale range from just over £80 right up to over £200, so we do have something to suit every budget!

We have some lovely early pieces of Troika from when the pottery was based in St Ives in Cornwall, from c1963 – 1970. It then moved to a small base in Newlyn, Cornwall, until c1983 when it closed down. Here is a small selection of the Troika we currently have for sale:

Early Troika St Ives glazed cube vase Troika Marmalade Vase, Teo Bernatowitz Troika Shouldered Cylinder, Simone Kilburn Troika Chimney vase, Sue Lowe

Troika St Ives cube vase, textured Troika Marmalade vase, large Troika shouldered Cylinder vase & a stunning Troika Chimney vase.

Remember, each item we sell is unique and we cannot order more to meet demand! If you’ve got your eye on something specific, then don’t leave it too late to order, or you may be disappointed!

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NEW STOCK – Troika Chimney Vase By Anne Lewis Just In Time For Christmas!

The latest addition to the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section is this lovely Troika Chimney vase – just in time for Christmas!

Troika Pottery Chimney Vase - Anne Lewis

Striking Troika Chimney Vase

This is a lovely colourful Chimney vase decorated by the popular Troika artist Anne Lewis. Anne Lewis actually started working at the Cornish pottery in 1969 when it was based in St Ives in Cornwall, England. She stayed working at the pottery through it’s move to Newlyn in Cornwall in 1970 and she finally left in 1972.

This Troika Chimney vase is vibrantly coloured and on the front it has been decorated with vivid shades of blue and brown. All the sides and the top have been decorated with a deep brown glaze. Click here for more info…

We have a wide range of Troika Pottery for sale, and you still have a few days left to ensure delivery before Christmas!

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Troika Pottery Ideas For Christmas Presents…

If you’re thinking of purchasing a piece of Troika pottery for someone’s Christmas present or even just for yourself for Christmas then be sure to check out the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section.

We have a wide range of Troika pottery pieces for sale, ranging from the smaller pieces such as Troika marmalade vases and Cube vases, through to Troika slab vases and larger Troika lamp bases. I have pictured a small range from our selection below:

Troika Marmalade vase, Troika Spice vase, Troika Chimney vase and a Troika Wheel lamp base

Troika Pottery is one of our specialist areas and we often have a wide range of pieces to choose from. The pottery which only operated for around 20 years has become hugely collectable and as a result you should be aware that there are pieces out there that are not true Troika pottery pieces. People often ask what do you mean “not true Troika Pottery”, what we mean is pieces that are not originally and 100% made by the pottery when it was open from c1963 until c1983. These can be pieces that have had “Troika” written on the bottom of them or even white wares from the pottery that have been painted by somebody else. Our advice is that you should always buy from a reputable place and from someone you can trust!


FOR SALE: Troika Pottery Chimney Vase by Avril Bennet

A new addition to the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section is this superb Troika Pottery Chimney shaped vase:

Troika Chimney Vase By Avril Bennet

This is called a Chimney vase and is from the textured range that the Cornish pottery Troika produced. This particular example mixes the glazed techniques on the side of the vase with the popular textured finish on the front and back of the vase!

Decorated by Avril Bennet who worked at the pottery in the 1970’s it’s a striking example with its blue glazed sides and detailed abstract design.

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