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Troika Pottery Vases and Troika Lampbase

The latest additions to our Troika pottery section are a striking blue Troika Marmalade vase, an interestingly patterned Troika wheel vase and a rectangular Troika pottery lampbase.

Troika Marmalade Vase, Troika Wheel Vase & Troika Rectangular Lampbase

All these pieces are in excellent condition and display the black painted Troika pottery mark on their bases which was in use by the pottery when they were based in Newlyn, Cornwall, during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Each one is decorated by a different Troika decorator and show a small section of the range that the Troika pottery produced during its 20 years.

For further images and information on any of these Troika items, please visit our Troika pottery section – here.