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Looking For A Piece of Troika St Ives Pottery? Read On…

The Troika Pottery started off in St Ives in Cornwall, England in 1963. The pottery then moved from St Ives to a new base in Newlyn in 1970. For collectors of the early St Ives pieces we have a wide selection of pieces for sale, here’s a small selection:

Troika St Ives Smooth Glazed Vase  Troika St Ives Marmalade Vase - Anne Lewis  St Ives Troika Pottery Rectangular Vase - Anne Lewis  Troika St Ives Wheel Vase - Honor Curtis

Troika St Ives Smooth Glazed vase, early Troika Marmalade vase, Troika St Ives Rectangular vase & an early Troika Wheel vase

The first Troika vase pictured here is an early smooth glazed spill vase from the Troika pottery. This vase is completely glazed with the outside being in a vibrant blue colour and the inside a bright white gloss. It has the stamped Troika St Ives pottery mark on its base dating. Click here for more pictures…

The second Troika vase pictured above is an early Troika Marmalade vase. This Troika vase has been decorated by Anne Lewis in an oatmeal brown finished with a deep blue glazed rounded top. Click here for more pictures…

The third Troika vase above is an early Troika St Ives Rectangular vase. This Troika vase has been decorated by Sylvia Vallence and dates c1967-1969. It has a style of decoration typical of the early Troika period – dark colours with incised abstract patterns. Click here for more pictures…

The final vase is an early Troika St Ives Pottery small wheel vase with a very striking pattern on both sides that has been enhanced with small areas of glaze to the decoration. Decorated by Honor Curtis this early Troika vase dates c1969-1970. Click here for more pictures…

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New Stock – Troika Pottery Rectangular Vases For Sale Including Early St Ives Vase

Two new pieces to the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section are these two lovely Troika Rectangular vases:

Troika Rectangular Vase - Sylvia Vallence Troika Pottery Rectangular Vase

Troika St Ives Rectangular Vase and a Troika Newlyn Rectangular vase

Both these Troika vases are known as Troika Rectangular vases and stand approximately 23cm tall. The first is an earlier Troika vase dating from when the pottery was based in St Ives in Cornwall. It has the typical style of decoration from that period and has been decorated by Sylvia Vallence. Click here for furher information…

The second Troika vase is from when the pottery was based in Newlyn in Cornwall, from 1970 until 1983. This vase is more vibrant and textured in design a style seen throughout that period of the pottery. Click here for further information…

We have a wide range of Troika Pottery for sale including a lovely Troika Coffin vase, a large Troika Cylinder vase and a Troika Pottery Marmalade vase decorated by Judith Illsley. Judith Illsley was married to one of the founders of Troika pottery, Leslie Illsley, and only worked as a decorator at Troika for a very short time in late 1980!



NEW STOCK – Troika Marmalade Vase & Troika Cube Vase!

Two recent new additions to the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section are a bright Troika Marmalade vase and a very interesting Troika Cube vase:

Blue Troika Pottery marmalade vase Troika Cube Vase - Jane Fitzgerald

The first piece pictured above is a Troika Marmalade vase. This Troika vase has a green coloured textured body with a deep blue glazed rounded top. The pattern is really picked out on this vase by the colours used in its decoration. Click here for further pictures of this Troika vase…

The second piece pictured above and new to Perfect Pieces is a Troika pottery Cube vase. This Troika vase has an oatmeal coloured textured body and has been decorated by Jane Fitzgerald. It has a rather fetching abstract pattern to it’s body which can be interpreted into many different things – helmets, eyes! Click here to see more pictures of this attractive Troika vase…

Both these pieces of Troika Pottery date from when the pottery was based in Newlyn in Cornwall, England. The Pottery moved to Newlyn in 1970 and remained there until it closed down in 1983.

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NEW STOCK – Early Troika St Ives Rectangular Vase

One of the latest additions to the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section is this superb early Troika rectangular vase from the St Ives period:

Troika St Ives Pottery Rectangular Vase - Early Troika Vase

Troika St Ives Pottery Vase – click here for further images

This Troika vase is called a Troika Rectangular vase (due to its shape obviously!) and stands approximately 22.5 cm tall. It has decoration that is typical of the St Ives period – simple colouring with roundels on several sides of the vase. This Troika vase has the decorator mark of Marilyn Pascoe. Marilyn started at the Cornish pottery when it was in St Ives – where this vase was produced. She continued to work with the pottery when it moved to Newlyn in Cornwall in 1970 and finally left in c1974.

The Troika Pottery produced a vast range of different shaped vases, pots and plaques throughout it’s 20 years. We currently have a wide range of pieces including a rather nice Troika Lampbase, Cube Vases, Troika Marmalade vases and Troika Cylinder vases to name just a few different shapes!

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Rare Troika St Ives D Plate

We have just added a stunning early Troika St Ives D Plate to our Troika pottery section.

These plates are decorated with an abstract flower-head and leaf design and this particular example is coloured in a blue glaze. Unlike normal round plates these plates are square in shape with rounded corners and measure approximately 7″ square.

This early Troika plate is marked on the back with the early Troika pottery moulded mark -Troika St Ives along with the impressed Trident mark – altogether making it a very nice collectible piece.

To see further details and pictures of this piece please  – click here.

Troika Pottery – Coffin or Slab vase? Anne Jones or Alison Brigden?

Troika Pottery Coffin Vase

We have just added two new Troika pottery vases to our site – a Troika Coffin vase and a Troika Slab vase. Which do you prefer?!

Troika Pottery Slab Vase

Originally starting out in the picturesque town of St. Ives in Cornwall and later moving to new premises at Newlyn, Troika pottery pieces come in many shapes and sizes. Both the Coffin vase and the Slab vase belong to what is known as the textured range produced by the pottery until it closed in 1983.

These two examples are both rather striking examples with vivid colour decorations and interesting pattern designs. They are both also fully marked to the base with the black painted Troika pottery mark and each have a decorator’s mark. The Coffin vase has been decorated by Anne Jones – Anne only worked at the pottery for a short time from 1976 to 1977 and she was part-time at that as well! The Slab vase has been decorated rather spendidly by Alison Bridgen. The blue base of this vase really brings out the unusual patterns on both sides.

Don’t forget, all our Troika pottery prices DO include UK postage and packaging by Royal Mail Special Delivery – so it’s guaranteed next day delivery by 1pm if you’re in need of an urgent purchase!

Smooth Glazed Troika Wares Up For Grabs

Some of my favourite pieces of Troika pottery are the early and unusual smooth glazed sculptural wares in white. Simple in design and decoration yet strangely appealing. At the time only the smaller pieces from this range proved popular with collectors, along with the ever popular textured range. The larger pieces didn’t sell well possibly because of their high price tags.

Due to the unpopularity of the larger pieces fewer were made making them relatively scarce today. However I noticed a couple of these large pieces have appeared on eBay recently including an unusual double candleholder, and a large white glazed fruit bowl. Quite striking centre pieces on anyone’s dining table!

An Art House Tribute To Troika Pottery

Troika Pottery wheel vaseTroika Pottery’s collectable appeal has been stronger in recent years than at any time since its 1960s/70s heyday.

It’s perhaps not surprising, then, that contemporary art website “The Art House” will be producing a new studio collection of artwork paying homage to the designs and themes of the Troika Pottery.

The Troika Collection 2008 will be available soon on their website and you can find an example picture and a little more information on the The Art House Blog.

The single picture (the second one actually is Troika) doesn’t give much idea of what to expect, but I will certainly be interested to see what’s on offer and will post here when more information is available.