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Snowman Salt & Pepper – Royal Doulton

Some of the Snowman figurines and Snowman China made by Royal Doulton are highly collectable. I’ve just spotted the very rare Salt & Pepper shakers on eBay – one has the Lady Snowman on and the other has the gentleman Snowman. Quite simple in design but beautifully decorated this set can fetch considerable amounts.

The Snowman figurine collection by Royal Doulton was started in the mid 1980s with James, item DS1. He was designed by Doulton designer Harry Sales, modelled by David Lyttleton and in production from c1985 to c1993. He was accompanied by his friend The Snowman, model DS2, who then was transformed into a variety of characters including the Highland Snowman DS7, the Drummer Snowman DS15 and the Snowman Skiing DS21!

While many collectors like to have the full set of the Snowman figurines, especially the first version ones, some are often keen to include some of the china pieces such as the Salt & Pepper shakers.

I feel it’s always best to collect what you love rather than what you feel you should, it always makes collecting much more fun. So whatever your collecting choice, be it the Snowman figurines, the Snowman china or both(!) the decoration of all may be simple but the quality is just what you’d expect from Doulton.


For anybody that missed this set of Snowman Salt & Pepper shakers I’ve just spotted another! This pair are described as being in excellent condition, with photographs shown of all sides including the base, which is always nice to see.