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Lovely Shelley Harmony Miniature Vase – Perfect For Christmas!

If you’re on the lookout for an unusual and collectable Christmas present for someone then why not take a look at this Art Deco styled lovely miniature Shelley vase?

Shelley Harmony vase - Miniature Shelley vase

This Shelley vase is English and elegantly shaped dating c1925-1945. With its bright vivid orange decoration detailed with abstract brown patterns it’s a very attractive vase. Unlike the majority of Shelley vases you might come across this is a dainty little vase only measuring 11cm tall!

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Stunning Miniature Shelley Pottery Harmony Vase – For Sale

The latest addition to the Perfect Pieces Shelley pottery section is this superb Shelley pottery Harmony ware footed vase:

Shelley Harmony Vase

This Shelley vase is a fabulous footed vase which flares out at the top. It is from the Shelley Harmony range with banded shades of orange decorating the main body. At the top it has an unusual pattern picked out in brown which matches the foot of the vase which has also been coloured in brown.

This vase dates c1925-1945 and is surprisingly small at just over 4 inches tall. It would fit into an existing Harmony Ware collection very nicely and provide an interesting contrast to the more common larger pieces of Shelley pottery.

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