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Beswick Winnie The Pooh & Royal Doulton Figurines – Perfect For Christmas!

If you’re looking for a cute Christmas present for a Winnie The Pooh lover then why not take a look at the collectable Disney Pooh figurine below?

Beswick Winnie The Pooh Figurine - Albert Hallam

This figurine is a Bewsick Pottery collectible designed by Albert Hallam. A whole range was produced by Beswick featuring among others Piglet, Eeyore and Kanga! This Winnie The Pooh is sitting down wearing a red jumper and measures approximately 2.5″ tall.

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We have a wide choice of collectables for sale on PerfectPieces.co.uk including this lovely Royal Doulton figurine Symphony, pictured below:

Royal Doulton HN2287 Symphony Figurine

This Royal Doulton figure is Doulton model number HN2287 and was only made by the pottery in the early 1960’s – from 1961 until 1965. She is a very elegant lady sitting down playing her instrument in a caramel coloured dress.

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Royal Doulton Pottery From Vases to Classic Bone China Figurines

Royal Doulton is renowned for the quality of the wares it produces, from tough earthenware and decorative items such as vases, urns and jardinieres to fine china and collectable figurines.

If you’re looking for a fine gift for someone then why not take a look at our current collection of Royal Doulton pottery – here. We have items ranging from Doulton earthenware and series ware to Royal Doulton China figurines and Royal Doulton Disney collectables.

The Royal Doulton Bone China figurines are highly desirable displaying the fine craftsmanship of the decorators at Doulton. We currently have a Royal Doulton figurine called Symphony.

Symphony is model number HN2287 and was only produced by Royal Doulton factory from 1961 until 1965. This Doulton figure depicts a lady sitting in a caramel coloured dress strumming on a musical instrument.

To see further pictures and information on this super Royal Doulton figurine, please – click here.