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Retro Carlton Ware Pig Money Box – For Sale

The latest addition to the Carlton Ware pottery section at Perfect Pieces is this wonderful retro Carlton Ware Pig money box:

This Carlton Ware money bank is from the range of novelty money boxes that the Staffordshire pottery produced and is in the shape of a Pig. The range also included models such as a Clown, Horse and Frog to name a few!

We have several more currently for sale, including this humorous Carlton Ware Scots Guardsman money box:

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Retro Carlton Ware Money Boxes

It’s always difficult to come up with ideas for presents for little ones or indeed for adults with Retro styles – so what better than one of the money boxes from the range of retro money banks that Carlton Ware produced around the 1970’s?

With their vibrant colours and wacky designs these money boxes are a perfect gift. This particular one has been decorated with the Noah’s ark pattern in a vibrant blue colour. It bears the Carlton Ware script pottery mark on its base and has a clear plastic stopper in its base (to stop those pennies from escaping!).

To view our full range of Carlton Ware items including this Carlton Ware Money Bank, please – click here.

Looking for a Retro Gift? Check out this Carlton Ware Money Box

If you’re looking for a retro gift or maybe collect Retro items or simply collect money boxes then you should definitely check out the Carlton Ware pottery Noah’s Ark retro money box we have just added to our Carltonware pottery section.

The Carlton Ware pottery produced a whole range of novelty retro money banks decorated in bright and vivid colours. The range included a Train, Cat, Owl and Noah’s Ark to name just a few – this particular money box is Noah’s Ark and has been decorated in blue. It shows three animals, a lion, giraffe and elephant looking out of the windows on Noah’s Ark!

On its base it has its plastic stopper (so all your money can’t fall out!) and the Carlton Ware pottery script pottery mark. These date from the 1970’s and are really fantastic in design and decoration.

To see further images of this Carlton Ware money bank – click here, and please do not hesitate to contact us is you require any further information about this piece or are looking for another piece of Carlton ware pottery.

Sunshine Galore Thanks To Geoffrey Baxter!

Whitefriars Kingfisher Blue Sunburst VaseThe weather these past few days has greatly improved on the fog and rain from last week. The bright sunshine made me think about the Geoffrey Baxter range for Whitefriars Glass – the strong shapes and bright vivid colours. One shape inparticular came to mind, the Sunburst!

The Sunburst shape is pattern number 9676 and was designed by Geoffrey Baxter around 1967. This vase depicts a typical full sun and stands approximately 6″ tall.


To read more about this fantastic range of retro glass check out our Whitefriars Glass guide.

Whitefriars Goes Mainstream – Cooking Up A Retro Collectable

January’s edition of our (almost) monthly newsletter has now gone online. It takes a look at Whitefriars’ textured range of moulded glass, which was made from 1967-80. In recent years it has become popular with retro enthusiasts and has become quite mainstream in its appeal.

In the newsletter, I’ve taken a look at the choices of colour and shape available, explained how these large,
chunky pieces were made and provided links to the two best Whitefriars websites on the net – whitefriars.com and whitefriarsorg.org.

Click here for the newsletter – I hope you enjoy it.