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Pottery Books & Collectors Guides

If you’re trying to find out a little more about a piece of pottery you own or a figurine you have on your window sill then books are often great resources.

On our Perfect Pieces website we have a section called BOOKS where we have reviewed some of the many books we own or have used over the years. These include a mixture of Collectors’ Guides, Pottery reference books and many others so it’s definitely worth checking out to see if any of them are of interest or use to you. We don’t tend to use Price Guides as these can quickly go out of date so can be misleading when looking into the value of an item.

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We’ve reviewed books covering everything from Troika Pottery, PenDelfin Rabbits, Art Deco, 1950s ceramics, Crown Devon Pottery, Denby Pottery, Moorcroft Pottery, Teapots & Coffee Pots, Clarice Cliff to name just a few!

If you have any suggestions of books you’ve used that you think are particularly worth while then do drop us a line and we’ll review them and let everybody else know about them.


Pottery Book Reviews From Perfect Pieces

On the Perfect Pieces website we have an Antique & Collectable Book Reviews section. In this section we you’ll find a wide range of pottery books that at some point we’ve read and have reviewed for you.

Books range from specialist Pottery Marks books, time period books such as Art Deco and the 1950’s, to specialist pottery books such as Troika Pottery and Martin Brothers. There are many different types of book available to collectors covering the basics such as identifying different pottery marks to learning all about a specific pottery’s history. Price guides are also available although these have to be treated with caution as prices do fluctuate over the years.

We’re often asked where is the best place to buy any of these books? Well, when you’re at Antique Fairs that’s always a good place to start looking. Often there will be book stalls, some selling second hand copies others selling new copies. Alternatively, there is Amazon which tends to have a good range available and does home delivery.

If you’re a collector, an avid reader or simply looking for a gift for someone then books are the perfect Christmas present. Why not take a look through some of our reviews and see what a wide range is available?

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Recommended Antique & Collectable Books – Reference Books, Collectors’ Guides & Others!

Following all the requests we get from people for information on specific pieces, other queries asking us the best way to find out about potteries in more depth and general requests on books that we can recommend as useful, we’ve developed the Perfect Pieces Books page.

On here we’ve reviewed the books we’ve used and include links to all of the full in-depth reviews in one place to make it easier for you to read all about them! You’ll find the link to the Perfect Pieces Books page in the top menu bar on the Perfect Pieces website, labelled as – Books (see below!).

Perfect Pieces Book Review Page

One of the most popular place to buy books from is Amazon. They usually offer a pretty good service, and have a very wide range of Antique and Collectable books on offer from Price Guides, detailed Pottery books to general collector’s books and are certainly worth a look if you’re trying to find a certain book to purchase.

If you know of an interesting book we haven’t yet reviewed or indeed if you’ve written a book you think is related to the world of Antiques & Collectables and would like us to review it then do get in touch!

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Antique & Collectable Pottery Books

We often get asked for all sorts of information ranging from identifying pottery marks to more information on certain collectables and potteries – so, we’d thought we’d share our views on the books we have in our collection and have created a new page – Recommended Books.

There are so many pottery books on the market from books covering pottery marks, silver marks to specialist books on collectables, potteries and price guides we thought it might be handy for you to read personal accounts of some of the books on the market to try and help you when considering purchasing one.

You can view this page by clicking on the link in the top navigation bar of the Perfect Pieces website. Alternatively, click on the link below.

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If you’ve got experience with any books not mentioned then do please get in touch and let us know what you think – What does the book cover? Is it value for money? Do you find yourself using it often? We can then add it to our list so other people can read about it.

Pottery Price Guides and Pottery Books – How To Choose

There are many many pottery price guides, collectables price guides and collectors handbooks on the market today, often with new ones coming out each year so it’s hard to know which to buy if you’re after one.

If you’re a collector of a specific area and are after a book which might give you further information about your collecting market including pictures and price guides their are often Collectors Handbooks available for specific areas such as the following:

It’s worth bearing in mind that these aren’t necessarily newly published each year so prices aren’t always up to date and have to be taken with some caution. They do however generally offer some interesting information about the collecting area, the ranges that might have been available and some will also include a short history of the pottery as well.

If you’re looking for more general price guides then there are lots available. These are often published each year and often cover many many different potteries, glass manufactures and sometimes other collectable items such as militaria, dolls and books for example. Examples of this type are the Miller’s Price Guides, such as the ones illustrated below:

If you have a book that you think is extremely useful and would recommend it then do let us know and we’ll write about it here so that other collectors can also benefit.