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Poole Pottery Carol Cutler Dish Shape 82 – Perfect Christmas Gift!

We currently have a Carol Cutler Poole Delphis range spear dish in our Perfect Pieces Poole Pottery section, perfect for that special Christmas present!

Poole Pottery Carol Cutler Dish

Poole Pottery Carol Cutler Spear Dish

This Delphis range dish is brightly coloured in vivid oranges and yellows and has been decorated by the very popular and hugely collectable Carol Cutler. It is Poole shape number 82 often called a Spear dish or Sweat dish. This particular piece of Poole pottery can be dated, c1969-1975 – a classic piece from that era.

This Poole pottery piece would be sent to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery. This service normally is guaranteed next working day delivery by 1pm but with the current weather situation Royal Mail has suspended this guarantee although many parcels are being delivered in this time. REMEMBER – If you order before 3pm we’ll despatch THE SAME DAY!

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Rare Poole Pottery Carol Cutler Spear Dish – FOR SALE

A new addition to the Perfect Pieces Poole Pottery Delphis section is this superb and very collectable Carol Cutler decorated Poole Delphis range Spear dish:

Poole Carol Cutler Delphis range Spear Dish

This Poole Pottery dish is shape number 82, often referred to as a Spear dish (I assume because of its shape!). It is from the Poole Pottery Delphis range with its bright modern colours and designs. This particular Poole dish has the decorator’s mark of the very collectable Carol Cutler. The particular mark on this dish she used at the Poole factory from 1969-1975 – so it truly is an early 1970’s dish!

Decorated with its bright vivid colours the abstract design is picked out and displayed well.

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