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Poole Freeform Peanut Vase For Sale – Pattern PKT / 700

A new addition to the Poole Pottery section of the Perfect Pieces website is this superb and very modern in style Poole Pottery Freeform range vase from the 1950’s:

Poole Freeform Peanut Vase PKT / 700 Alfred Read

Poole Pottery Alfred Read Designed Vase

This Poole vase has been decorated with a pattern designed by Alfred Read in c1954 – pattern reference PKT. It is Poole shape number 700 often called the peanut shape – as it looks a bit like a peanut!

In the picture below you can see the size of this vase against its smaller counterpart – shape number 699:

Poole Pottery Freeform Range Vases - Alfred Read Pattern PKT

Poole Shape 700 on the left & Poole shape 699 on the right!

Belonging to what is referred to as the Poole Freeform range this vase is very modern and slick in design when it actually dates c1955-1959! It’s an impressive vase that has the black stamped Poole pottery dolphin pottery mark to its base along with the impressed shape number, 700.

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Poole Pottery Carol Cutler Dish Shape 82 – Perfect Christmas Gift!

We currently have a Carol Cutler Poole Delphis range spear dish in our Perfect Pieces Poole Pottery section, perfect for that special Christmas present!

Poole Pottery Carol Cutler Dish

Poole Pottery Carol Cutler Spear Dish

This Delphis range dish is brightly coloured in vivid oranges and yellows and has been decorated by the very popular and hugely collectable Carol Cutler. It is Poole shape number 82 often called a Spear dish or Sweat dish. This particular piece of Poole pottery can be dated, c1969-1975 – a classic piece from that era.

This Poole pottery piece would be sent to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery. This service normally is guaranteed next working day delivery by 1pm but with the current weather situation Royal Mail has suspended this guarantee although many parcels are being delivered in this time. REMEMBER – If you order before 3pm we’ll despatch THE SAME DAY!

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Burra Bears & Christmas Gift Ideas from Perfect Pieces…

The latest Perfect Pieces Newsletter is now out:


This month’s newsletter looks at the adorable Burra Bear handmade in Shetland from true Shetland wool. Founded by Wendy Inkster these teddy bears are unique and a true delight!

We also take a look at a few Christmas gift ideas as the days countdown to Christmas 2010, including a fabulous Troika lamp base and a collectable PenDelfin set – the PenDelfin Christmas Scene.

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Christmas Shopping Gift Ideas @ Perfect Pieces

It’s that time of year again folks when the darkness is drawing closer in an evening and the shops are gradually starting to push that jolly big red & white bloke onto their shelves!

If like me you haven’t even thought about Christmas presents and can’t believe some people have even started – some even finished(!) – their Christmas shopping, then here’s how to make the most out of your visit to the Perfect Pieces website.

To make shopping a little easier on the Perfect Piece website we’ve created a page that displays every piece of stock we currently have available, that way you can just browse through all the images and see if there’s anything that might suit someone on your Christmas list! It’s as easy as that:

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In the meantime here’s a (very) small selection of the range of items we currently have available.

They range from collectible studio type pottery like Troika pottery, traditional pottery like Denby pottery & Ruskin pottery, modernist & retro pottery designs like the Poole Delphis range, small collectables like PenDelfin and Corgi diecast models to name but a few:

Denby Pottery bowl, PenDelfin Jim Lad, Troika Marmalade vase, Corgi OM 41109 Model Bus & Poole Carol Cutler Dish

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Rare Poole Pottery Carol Cutler Spear Dish – FOR SALE

A new addition to the Perfect Pieces Poole Pottery Delphis section is this superb and very collectable Carol Cutler decorated Poole Delphis range Spear dish:

Poole Carol Cutler Delphis range Spear Dish

This Poole Pottery dish is shape number 82, often referred to as a Spear dish (I assume because of its shape!). It is from the Poole Pottery Delphis range with its bright modern colours and designs. This particular Poole dish has the decorator’s mark of the very collectable Carol Cutler. The particular mark on this dish she used at the Poole factory from 1969-1975 – so it truly is an early 1970’s dish!

Decorated with its bright vivid colours the abstract design is picked out and displayed well.

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Perfect Pieces August 2010 Newsletter – OUT NOW!

We’ve just sent out the latest Perfect Pieces Newsletter. This month we detail a few new and interesting items of stock we have recently added to the Perfect Pieces site and also look at some of the Antique & Collectors fairs that are scheduled for the next month.

Summer antique fairs can often be very pleasant to wander around – the good sunny dry weather (well hopefully!) entice visitors and traders to fairs often making them bustling events.

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1930’s Poole Pottery Vase For Sale

The latest addition to the Perfect Pieces Poole Pottery section is this super 1930’s Poole pottery vase:

This Poole vase is decorated in a traditional floral design with a hint of Art Deco to the style of flowers. On its base it has its incised shape number – model 198, the impressed Poole pottery mark, the pattern code YK, and the decorator’s mark. It can be dated to c1934-1937 as the base has the salmon pink slip painted onto it which was only used by the pottery during these years after the red-earthenware body had been discontinued.

Decorated in bright colours with banded designs at the top and bottom it is a very attractive vase.

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Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas from Perfect Pieces!

If you really have left it this late to find a Christmas present then you’ll need to be sharpish in your choosing!

It’s still not too late to order from Perfect Pieces, but tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd December 2009, is the last day that Royal Mail guarantee Special Delivery services before Christmas.

So if you’re after a Christmas gift then why not take a look at a few of the images below to give you some ideas. Items range in price and style so there’s bound to be something of interest.

If you see anything you fancy just click on the image and you’ll then be taken to the more information page where you can view further information and see more pictures of the item.


Poole Pottery by Paul Atterbury – A Must For Any Poole Collector

Do you collect Poole Pottery? Maybe you just have an interest in the pottery – perhaps you live in the area! Whatever your interest the Poole Pottery guide by Paul Atterbury is a must if you’re serious about Poole Pottery.

This is a very comprehensive hardback book with over 200 pages full of stunning colour illustrations of patterns, shapes, pottery marks, decorators marks and a history of the pottery. I’d certainly recommend it if you’re interested in Poole pottery.

In our Recommended Books section you’ll find a wide range of books that we have reviewed following using them, it’s certainly worth a browse. To visit our Recommended Books section – click here.

Click here to view details about this superb Poole Pottery book on Amazon

Collect it! Magazine – Antiques Jargon Buster

In this month’s issue (September 2009) of the popular Collect it! magazine you’ll notice a new section…Jargon Buster written by the likeable Roland Head.

This section is designed to go through the alphabet, A to Z, each month looking at a different letter and introducing and clearing out any cobwebs on terms used within the antiques and collectables industry.

This month he starts with the letter A, and among the words he looks at is Art Deco – this is where Perfect Pieces is featured. Poole Pottery created some very stylised and Art Deco patterns back in the 1930’s and the bowl pictured is a piece of Poole Pottery from our collection! To view our current collection of Poole Pottery – click here.

As you’ll probably know Collect it! magazine is a monthly magazine featuring everything from new collectables, expert discussions,  letters from readers with puzzling items and often feature articles on antiques and collectables. If you buy the magazine regularly or are thinking of a present for an avid collector then why not consider a subscription? They can often save you money and you’ll receive each magazine as soon as it’s been published – save getting wet when going out to buy it each month!

Note: Collect It! is sadly no longer being published.