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Christmas Gift Ideas – PenDelfin Bunnies, Troika Pottery, Hornby, Poole Pottery…

If you’re still searching for Christmas presents then here are a few ideas ranging from small collectable PenDelfin bunnies and Hornby engines to  larger pieces such as a desirable early Poole Pottery vase designed by Alfred Read:

PenDelfin Blue Rosa Rabbit, Jean Walmsley Heap

Rare PenDelfin Blue Rosa Rabbit designed by Jean Walmsley Heap

Poole Freeform Vase PGS Pattern Designed By Alfred Read

Poole Freeform Vase PGS Pattern Designed By Alfred Read

PenDelfin Rabbit Picnic Table

BOXED PenDelfin Picnic Table Designed By Jean Walmsley Heap

Hornby R063 BR 4-6-2 Britannia Class 7 Locomotive & Tender

Hornby R063 BR 4-6-2 Britannia Class 7 Locomotive & Tender







Shelley Harmony Range Miniature Blue Vase

Shelley Harmony Range Miniature Blue Vase

PenDelfin Uncle Soames Designed By Jean Walmsley Heap

Early PenDelfin Uncle Soames Designed By Jean Walmsley Heap

Crown Devon Fieldings Galleon pattern jug pattern M169

Crown Devon Fieldings Galleon pattern jug pattern M169

PenDelfin The Anniversary Designed By Tony Green

PenDelfin The Anniversary Designed By Tony Green







We have a wide range of gift ideas including Troika Pottery, PenDelfin Rabbits, Hornby locomotives and OO gauge models. Don’t leave it too late to place your Christmas order, our last posting date is approaching fast!

Happy Shopping!

Perfect Pieces November Newsletter – Out Now With Christmas Posting Dates & Gift Ideas!

The November 2013 Perfect Pieces newsletter is now out.

In this run up to  Christmas issue we take a look at a few of the new pieces of stock we’ve added this last month in preparation for all that Christmas shopping! We also include full details of our last posting dates for Christmas 2014.

CLICK HERE – To read our run up to Christmas 2014 Newsletter!

If you go out and about and visit Antique & Collectors fairs then do get in touch and give us your feedback on any you’ve visited. We’re always keen to hear what different antique fairs are like and always welcome feedback so we can publish your thoughts and suggestions of Antique Fairs worth visiting in future newsletters!

Christmas Gifts Under £50 At Perfect Pieces!

If you’re still shopping for Christmas presents then be sure to check out the Perfect Pieces website, www.PerfectPieces.co.uk. We have a wide range of antique pottery and collectable gift ideas to suit all budgets!

Here are a few Christmas present ideas for under £50:

Poole Pottery Aegean spear dish Beswick Winnie The Pooh,  Albert Hallam Hornby R063 BR 4-6-2 Britannia Class 7 Locomotive & Tender 997 PenDelfin Event Piece Sylvana, Doreen Noel Roberts PenDelfin Wakey Gallery Series Plaque, Doreen Noel Robert

Lovely Poole Aegean spear dish, adorable Beswick Winnie The Pooh collectable figurine, collectable Hornby loco & tender, attractive PenDelfin Event Piece, and a collectable PenDelfin gallery Series plaque Wakey.

If you have more than £50 to spend or less than £50 to spend then simply use the menus at the top of our website to select your price range. You’ll then be able to view everything we have to offer to suit your budget! If you have any questions on Christmas delivery times or specific order requests then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Happy Shopping!

Perfect Pieces Christmas Orders – Last Posting Dates

If you’re still shopping for Christmas presents then be sure to check out our All Stock Page where you can view every piece of pottery and collectable we have for sale. We have a wide range of genuine Troika pottery for sale, retired PenDelfin rabbits and PenDelfin artwork and leaflets and some brilliant OO gauge models and trains to name bit a few pieces!

So, if you are still shopping for Christmas then please note our last posting date for UK orders before Christmas is:


Our last posting date for International orders has now passed.


Present Ideas Under £100 At PerfectPieces.co.uk!

If you have an occasion coming up you need to buy a gift for or are simply looking to treat yourself to something special then why not consider a piece of antique British Pottery?

We off a wide range of collectable  pottery for sale including the popular Troika Pottery, classic Denby and Wedgwood Pottery, Maling Pottery and Poole Pottery to name but a few.

Furthermore if you have a  budget then you can use the links at the top of the PerfectPieces.co.uk website page to navigate to your desired price range – it’s as easy as that!

For instance if your budget is £100 then here is a small selection of what you could purchase:

Royal Doulton Figurine Symphony - HN2287 Greay PenDelfin Father Mouse - Jean Walmsley Heap OO Gauge Trix Trains A H Peppercorn Engine & Tender 1950s Lovatts, Langley Mill Vase Denby Glyn Ware Tankard Signed Glyn Colledge T G Green Cornish Ware Sugar Jar Poole Pottery 1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Jug Gray's Pottery Art Deco Pottery Plate

Royal Doulton figurine, PenDelfin Father Mouse, Trix Trains A H Peppercorn engine, Lovatts vase, Denby tankard, T G Green Cornish Ware jar, Poole Coronation jug and superb Gray’s Art Deco plate.

Remember, that’s just a SMALL selection of what we have to offer at PerfectPieces.co.uk, and if you’re looking for something specific then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

CLICK HERE – To view our full selection of BRITISH POTTERY For Sale!

Queen Elizabeth II Cornonation Jug 1953 – Poole Pottery Commemorative Collectable

If you’ve been enjoying the Diamond Jubilee festivities over the weekend and are now looking for a commemorative collectable to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, then you might want to take a look at this superb Poole Pottery jug:

Poole Pottery Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Jug

Poole Queen Elizabeth II 1953 Coronation Jug – CLICK HERE

This Poole Pottery commemorative jug was produced by the pottery to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. It has been decorated by Poole decorator Jean Cockram and has a wonderful classic design perfect for any kitchen!

CLICK HERE  – To view this QEII Coronation Jug

Looking For Some 1950’s Retro Glamour?

If you’re looking for some 1950’s style retro objects for your home then why not consider a piece of Poole Pottery Contemporary Freeform ware? See two examples below:

Poole PRB Alfred Read Vase - Poole Decorator Gwen Haskins Poole Alfred Read Freeform PRB Pattern Bowl

Poole Alfred Read vase & Poole Freeform bowl

As you’ll see from the two pieces pictures above the soft streamlined shapes and cool toned colouring really are reminiscent of the 1950’s era. The first piece is a Poole Pottery vase decorated in the Poole PRB pattern which was designed by Poole’s noted designer Alfred Read in the mid 1950’s. This particular piece has been decorated by Gwen Haskins who was a senior paintress at Poole at this time – and the pattern she’s painted onto this vase with cool brown tones and intertwined lines are indeed very modern in style.

The Poole bowl pictured above is also decorated in this stylish Poole pattern which was designed by Alfred Read. Believed to have been decorated by Diane Holloway this particular Poole bowl can be dated to the mid to late 1950’s. A perfect accompaniment to the streamlined vase at its side!

We have a wide range of Poole Pottery for sale including Poole Freeform pieces, vivid retro pieces from the Poole Delphis & Aegean ranges and some traditional-style Poole Pottery.

CLICK HERE – To View Our Full Range Of Poole Pottery For Sale

Book Review: Poole Pottery by Will Farmer

Poole Pottery is another of Shire Books A5-sized paperback books, written by Will Farmer. Will Farmer is an expert on 20th Century decorative arts and a director of Fielding’s Auctioneers in Stourbridge. His face might also be familiar to you as one of the experts on the Antiques Roadshow.

Poole Pottery by Will Farmer - Shire Books
This is a concise book that looks at the history of Poole Pottery from the early days of Carter & Co, through the 1950′s when Poole produced its Freeform range to  the present day. The author not only talks about the pottery and its historical background, but looks at how the changing times influenced the designs that came out of the pottery.

This is really nice short volume and is laid out well with colour photographs on every page. There are some really interesting pictures of early Poole pieces, including one of a wall plaque originally attached to the factory wall back in c1925. There is not any information on pottery marks or decorators’ marks; if this is what you are looking for, the definitive (and expensive) Poole book is Poole Pottery by Hayward & Atterbury.

However at under £7, Will Farmer’s Poole Pottery is certainly good value if you want a readable and illustrated introduction to the history and wares of Poole Pottery.

Buy Poole Pottery direct from direct from the publisher or on Amazon

Book Details

Title: Poole Pottery
Author: Will Farmer
RRP: £6.99
Publisher: Shire Books
ISBN: 978-0-74780-835-0
Format: A5 paperback, 64 pages

Royal Wedding Fever & Poole Pottery Commemorative Ware

If you watched the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th April 2011 between Prince William and Catherine Middleton then you might be thinking about commemorative collectables and what’s available for earlier Royal events.

A new addition to the Perfect Pieces Poole Pottery section is this superb Poole Pottery Coronation jug from the 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II:

Poole Pottery Commemorative 1953 Coronation Jug - Queen Elizabeth II

Poole Pottery 1953 Coronation Jug

This Poole jug has been hand decorated by Poole artist Jean Cockram and was issued as a range of items from the Poole Pottery to celebrate the Coronation of our current Queen in 1953. On one side of the jug is the year of the coronation, 1953, and on the other the royal crown with ER II. It is a lovely example.

Click here to view our current selection Poole Pottery Collectibles for sale

Poole Vase In Alfred Read Pattern PKT Decorated By Gwen Haskins

Another new addition to the Perfect Pieces Poole Pottery section is this superbly attractive Poole pottery freeform vase decorated by Gwen Haskins:

Poole Alfred Read Pattern PKT Freeform Vase Decorated by Gwen Haskins

Poole Freeform Vase Decorated By Gwen Haskins – Shape 699

This is Poole shape number 699 and is referred to as a Poole peanut vase – because of its peanut shape! It has been decorated with the  very modern and stylised PKT pattern designed by Alfred Read back in c1954 and belongs to the range often referred to as Poole Freeform ware. It can be dated c1959-1967.

We also have a bigger version of this Poole freeform vase available – shape number 799, the next size up! This vase has also been decorated in the Alfred Read design PKT but the pottery mark dates slightly earlier, c1955-1959. They make quite a pair – see below!

Poole Pottery Freeform Range Vases - Alfred Read Pattern PKT

View our FULL selection of Poole Pottery – CLICK HERE