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Looking For Some 1950’s Retro Glamour?

If you’re looking for some 1950’s style retro objects for your home then why not consider a piece of Poole Pottery Contemporary Freeform ware? See two examples below:

Poole PRB Alfred Read Vase - Poole Decorator Gwen Haskins Poole Alfred Read Freeform PRB Pattern Bowl

Poole Alfred Read vase & Poole Freeform bowl

As you’ll see from the two pieces pictures above the soft streamlined shapes and cool toned colouring really are reminiscent of the 1950’s era. The first piece is a Poole Pottery vase decorated in the Poole PRB pattern which was designed by Poole’s noted designer Alfred Read in the mid 1950’s. This particular piece has been decorated by Gwen Haskins who was a senior paintress at Poole at this time – and the pattern she’s painted onto this vase with cool brown tones and intertwined lines are indeed very modern in style.

The Poole bowl pictured above is also decorated in this stylish Poole pattern which was designed by Alfred Read. Believed to have been decorated by Diane Holloway this particular Poole bowl can be dated to the mid to late 1950’s. A perfect accompaniment to the streamlined vase at its side!

We have a wide range of Poole Pottery for sale including Poole Freeform pieces, vivid retro pieces from the Poole Delphis & Aegean ranges and some traditional-style Poole Pottery.

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Poole Vase In Alfred Read Pattern PKT Decorated By Gwen Haskins

Another new addition to the Perfect Pieces Poole Pottery section is this superbly attractive Poole pottery freeform vase decorated by Gwen Haskins:

Poole Alfred Read Pattern PKT Freeform Vase Decorated by Gwen Haskins

Poole Freeform Vase Decorated By Gwen Haskins – Shape 699

This is Poole shape number 699 and is referred to as a Poole peanut vase – because of its peanut shape! It has been decorated with the  very modern and stylised PKT pattern designed by Alfred Read back in c1954 and belongs to the range often referred to as Poole Freeform ware. It can be dated c1959-1967.

We also have a bigger version of this Poole freeform vase available – shape number 799, the next size up! This vase has also been decorated in the Alfred Read design PKT but the pottery mark dates slightly earlier, c1955-1959. They make quite a pair – see below!

Poole Pottery Freeform Range Vases - Alfred Read Pattern PKT

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Poole Freeform Peanut Vase For Sale – Pattern PKT / 700

A new addition to the Poole Pottery section of the Perfect Pieces website is this superb and very modern in style Poole Pottery Freeform range vase from the 1950’s:

Poole Freeform Peanut Vase PKT / 700 Alfred Read

Poole Pottery Alfred Read Designed Vase

This Poole vase has been decorated with a pattern designed by Alfred Read in c1954 – pattern reference PKT. It is Poole shape number 700 often called the peanut shape – as it looks a bit like a peanut!

In the picture below you can see the size of this vase against its smaller counterpart – shape number 699:

Poole Pottery Freeform Range Vases - Alfred Read Pattern PKT

Poole Shape 700 on the left & Poole shape 699 on the right!

Belonging to what is referred to as the Poole Freeform range this vase is very modern and slick in design when it actually dates c1955-1959! It’s an impressive vase that has the black stamped Poole pottery dolphin pottery mark to its base along with the impressed shape number, 700.

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Poole Pottery Freeform Range Butterflies Pattern Planter

If you’re starting to think about your garden and plants again as spring approaches then why not take a look in our Poole pottery section. We have just added a Poole pottery plant pot decorated in the PT butterflies pattern to the Perfect Pieces website – perfect for any house plant!

The pattern on this Poole plant pot, PT, was originally designed by the well-known Poole pottery worker Ruth Pavely around the 1950s. It is delicately decorated around the body with colourful and stylised butterflies on a white glaze.

Solidly made this plant pot could easily be used today making it an attractive collectable with a purpose!

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Poole Pottery PRB Pattern – Contemporary & Stylish

New to our Poole Pottery section is another piece from the PRB pattern range originally designed by the well-known Alfred Read in the mid 1950’s. This massive Poole dish/charger is the perfect piece to display the pattern with the belly of the piece providing the perfect surface to display the intertwining pattern in its full.

This Poole charger is shape number 920 and is approximately 13″ in diameter – quite a piece! Hand-painted the dish shows how advanced the pottery was, producing stylish and creative pieces in the 1950’s and 1960’s that don’t look out of place in today’s modern homes.

We also currently have a Poole pottery lamp-base in this lovely Poole pattern. Another large piece, this Poole lamp base stands 11″ tall and again with a simple shade of cream/straw/beige this lamp would sit among the finest of today’s modern collectables.

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Poole Pottery – Delphis, Freeform or Traditional?

If you’re thinking of buying a piece of Poole Pottery, you might be wondering what sort to buy. One of the UK’s oldest potteries, Poole’s output has varied considerably over the last 100 years or so.

The Poole on offer here at Perfect Pieces is split into three different groups – Delphis/Aegean/Studio ware, Poole Freeform and Traditional Poole/Carter Stabler & Adams ware.

I’ve included a photo of some of the possibilities below:

The first piece pictured above is a Poole Pottery Spear dish from the Aegean range. The Aegean was developed by Leslie Elsden following on from the bright and ever recognisable Poole Delphis range developed by Robert Jefferson.

The second piece is a Poole Pottery Freeform vase designed by Poole’s well-known designer, Alfred Read. The Freeform range Poole was developed after WWII and was made during the 1950s, providing a noticeably more modern style of design to that available a few years earlier.

The piece on the right is an example of Poole’s red earthenware pottery and was produced during the late 1920s – early 1930s. This design is typical of this era and very similar to the earlier pieces that bear the Carter, Stabler & Adams pottery mark.

So, whichever style of Poole Pottery you choose there certainly is something for everyone!

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