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NEW STOCK – Early PenDelfin Uncle Soames For Sale

A recent new addition to the Perfect Pieces PenDelfin rabbit section is this lovely early PenDelfin Uncle Soames:

PenDelfin Uncle Soames Rabbit - PenDelfin Butterfly Label

PenDelfin Uncle Soames Rabbit

The Uncle Soames rabbit was designed by Jean Walmsley Heap and is now retired from production. We know this is an earlier version of the model as he has large and impressive ears and has the early desirable PenDelfin butterfly label on his base which was used by the pottery in the late 1950’s.

The Uncle Soames rabbit was first introduced into the PenDelfiun rabbit family in c1959, making him one of the earlier PenDelfin rabbits – a perfect companion for Aunt Agatha!

We have a wide selection of retired PenDelfin rabbits for sale including another of Uncle Soames companions – the PenDelfin Dungaree father!

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Super PenDelfin Uncle Soames Large Rabbit & PenDelfin Tammy Dog

We have added several new PenDelfin rabbits to our PenDelfin section including this very bright and dazzling PenDelfin Uncle Soames rabbit:

The Uncle Soames PenDelfin rabbit is one of the larger rabbits of the PenDelfin family and is the companion of Aunt Agatha! He was designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap. Uncle Soames is a well presented rabbit wearing a waistcoat and cravat and was retired from production by the PenDelfin factory in 1985.

Another early member of the PenDelfin family is the PenDelfin Tammy Puppy dog – also  designed by Jean Walmsley Heap.

The PenDelfin pottery designed only a few models that weren’t dogs – this is one of them! It is a shaggy dog with came with collars in different colours – an excellent collecting option if you’re a dog fan! He was retired from production in 1987.

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Rare PenDelfin Aunt Agatha Added to Our PenDelfin Rabbit Section

The latest addition to our PenDelfin section is the rare and highly desirable PenDelfin Aunt Agatha designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap.

Aunt Agatha was designed by Jean in the early 1960’s and she has the true characteristics of the early PenDelfin rabbits. Agatha was only in production for a few years from 1963 until 1965, resulting in her being one of the rarest of the rabbits. She is a very elegant rabbit in full dress with shawl and headdress and makes the perfect companion for Uncle Soames, completing the rabbit village!

For further images and information on this PenDelfin Aunt Agatha, please – click here.

New PenDelfin Uncle Soames to join Aunt Agatha!

We have just added a new retired PenDelfin figure to our PenDelfin section – a PenDelfin Uncle Soames the perfect companion for any PenDelfin Aunt Agatha!

Uncle Soames was designed by PenDelfin legend and founder Jean Walmsley Heap and is a stunning fellow and very smartly dressed – he is wearing a neat waistcoat and cravat. Originally designed around 1959 he retired from production in the mid-1980s.

This example of Uncle Soames has a very nicely patterned waistcoat and cravat which is extremely nice to see – often these can be a bit plain with little decoration. He has his PenDelfin pottery label underneath and is in really nice condition.

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