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Buy PenDelfin Family Circle Brochures & Newsletters

If you’re looking to buy PenDelfin pamphlets and brochures related to the PenDelfin Family Circle collectors club then be sure to visit the PenDelfin Rabbits section on PerfectPieces.co.uk.

We have recently expanded this section to include old leaflets, PenDelfin application forms and PenDelfin Times newsletters from the PenDelfin Family Circle club.

PenDelfin Times - PenDelfin Family Circle Brochure PenDelfin Borchure - PenDelfin Family Circle 1996

The PenDelfin Family Circle collectors club was first started back in 1992 and became a huge hit with PenDelfin collectors. Each year Family Circle members got a free club rabbit and were entitled to purchase an exclusive piece only available to members of the PenDelfin club. Throughout the year club members would also receive the PenDelfin Times which included all sorts of information on new PenDelfin models to be released, PenDelfin rabbits that were due to be retired, old photographs and letters from other members as well as details of Family Circle events happening that year throughout the UK & overseas.  It has now been reported that the PenDelfin Family Circle club is due to close in March 2013 – the end of an era.

You can read more about the PenDelfin history and the PenDelfin collectors club in our History Of PenDelfin Rabbits page – click here.

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