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Christmas Gift Ideas – PenDelfin Display Stands

If you’re looking to buy a Christmas present for a PenDelfin collector then why not consider a PenDelfin display stand? These can be brilliant for adding variety and a real-life feeling to a PenDelfin collection.

The PenDelfin Studios produced a wide range of display stands over the years, some of which were only made for limited periods. They come in all shapes and sizes, so there really is usually one that’s perfect for every PenDelfin collection! Here is a small selection of the range of PenDelfin stands we currently have for sale:

The original PenDelfin Bandstand – this is the first version of the Bandstand that PenDelfin produced, making it quite an early PenDelfin display stand. It has 7 steps allowing lots of musical PenDelfins to stand on it:

PenDelfin Bandstand - Original PenDelfin Bandstand

The PenDelfin Toyshop is a popular stand. It is very detailed in design and is the perfect home for the PenDelfin Jacky rabbit. This PenDelfin stand is also retired from production:

PenDelfin Toy Shop  - Retired PenDelfin stand

Betsy Barge is a great fun boat shaped stand, quite unusual and perfect for around the PenDelfin Jetty and PenDelfin Shrimp Stand. This PenDelfin stand is also retired from production and allows your PenDelfin rabbits to sit inside a boat!

PenDelfin Betsy Barge - Retired PenDelfin stand

If you’d like to view our full selection of PenDelfin stand for sale – please click here.

PenDelfin Display Stands – FOR SALE!


If you’re building up a PenDelfin rabbit collection then you’ll need some PenDelfin display stands to stand some of your PenDelfin rabbits on. We currently have three great PenDelfin stands for sale all designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap. They are all perfect for displaying quite a few PenDelfin rabbits:

PenDelfin Original Bandstand - Jean Walmsley Heap PenDelfin Bandstand - Jean Walmsley Heap

Original PenDelfin Bandstand and the later version PenDelfin Bandstand

The PenDelfin Bandstand is a popular stand for standing those musical PenDelfin rabbits on and having Thumper & his Piano at the side tinkering away. There are a total of seven steps on both versions which is great for making up a PenDelfin band! The original Bandstand which was produced by PenDelfin from c1964-1973 has smooth steps whilst the later version introduced in 1973 has detailing to its steps.

The third PenDelfin stand we currently have for sale is the lovely PenDelfin Christmas Island:

PenDelfin Christmas Island - Jean Walmsley Heap

This PenDelfin display stand is very large and is perfect for creating a large and interesting PenDelfin Christmas Scene as is holds lots of PenDelfin rabbits! With snow covered trees and cobbles it really is a lovely PenDelfin stand.

We have a wide range of PenDelfin rabbits for sale, so why not check them out and see what you’re missing from your collection! Click here to view our current selection of PenDelfin rabbits… and if you’re looking for display stands then…

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NEW STOCK – PenDelfin Rabbit Christmas Island & Cabin Display Stands

We have recently added a couple of new pieces to the Perfect Pieces PenDelfin rabbit display stand section – a lovely PenDelfin Christmas island and it’s partner the PenDelfin Christmas Cabin:

PenDelfin Rabbit Christmas Cabin - Jean Walmsley Heap PenDelfin Rabbit Christmas Island - Jean Walmsley Heap

PenDelfin Christmas Cabin & PenDelfin Christmas Island

Both these PenDelfin stands were designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap and are now retired from production. The Christmas Cabin is very Scandinavian in style and has fantastic detailing. The PenDelfin Christmas Island features a frozen lake with snowy trees and allows the Cabin to sit on top of it making it the perfect Christmas scene for a PenDelfin collection and perfect for standing the PenDelfin Christmas themed rabbits on!

CLICK HERE – To view our full selection of PenDelfin Display Stands For Sale

We have a wide range of retired PenDelfin rabbits for sale including an early PenDelfin Dungaree Father, PenDelfin Gallery plaques and a PenDelfin father Mouse.

Pendelfin Foliage – Green Trees Galore

I often get requests from people asking if I know where they can acquire more greenery for their PenDelfin stands – it’s one of those things you never seem to have enough of. PenDelfin Foliage Apart from asking at your local PenDelfin stockist to see if they have any spare (you never know), it’s one of those things you don’t appear to be able to buy separately.

However, for anyone desiring a little more, I have just spotted some on eBay.

Should help fill some of the many holes PenDelfin provide on their display stands!