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Musical PenDelfin Rabbits – For Sale

Within the PenDelfin section on PerfectPieces.co.uk we have a wide range of musical PenDelfin rabbits for sale including a lovely early pink PenDelfin Margot rabbit with very early PenDelfin gold rectangular PenDelfin label to her base. The PenDelfin Margot was originally designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap and is an early PenDelfin rabbit who would have been around when the first version of the PenDelfin Bandstand was produced.

Retired PenDelfin Margot rabbit, Jean Walmsley Heap

We also have a desirable blue PenDelfin Rosa rabbit. This is more unusual as this example is wearing a blue skirt which is not commonly seen on the Rosa PenDelfin rabbit:

PenDelfin Rosa rabbit, Jean Walmsley Heap

Other musical PenDelfin rabbits for sale include a lovely PenDelfin Maud, the amusing PenDelfin Busker rabbit, the early PenDelfin Phumf rabbit designed by Doreen Noel Roberts and the adorable singer, PenDelfin Solo!

If you’re looking to buy PenDelfin rabbits then do keep checking back as our stock is always changing. If we can be of any help then do please get in touch.

Rare PenDelfin Christmas Scene With Jingle, Solo & Clanger – For Sale

The latest addition to the Perfect Pieces PenDelfin Rabbit section is this highly collectible PenDelfin Christmas Scene with Christmas dressed rabbits!

PenDelfin Christmas Scene With Rabbits

The PenDelfin Christmas Scene was designed by the well-known Doreen Noel Roberts. It was made in a limited number of ONLY 2000 sets and was originally for the Canadian & US markets only in c1985-1986.

This PenDelfin scene comprises of a base stand called the Lantern Stand with a black lantern lit up for the rabbits to sing under, a little cottage called Cobble Cottage with three festive lanterns hanging on the front and three Christmas themed PenDelfin rabbits dressed out in red and green – Clanger, Solo and Jingle, all happily singing their Christmas tunes  under the lantern.

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