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NEW STOCK – PenDelfin Kicthen Rabbits For Sale!

We have some new additions to the Perfect Pieces PenDelfin rabbit section including a number of retired PenDelfin rabbits perfect for the PenDelfin Kitchen display stand:

PenDelfin Scoffer Rabbit - Doreen Noel Roberts PenDelfin Rabbit Vanilla, Doreen Noel Roberts PenDelfin Rabbit Midge One Crumb - Jean Walmsley Heap PenDelfin Pieface Rabbit by Doreen Noel Roberts PenDelfin Oliver Rabbit - Doreen Noel Roberts

We have the PenDelfin Scoffer, the PenDelfin Vanilla rabbit, the PenDelfin Midge rabbit, the retired PenDelfin rabbit Pieface, and the PenDelfin rabbit Oliver to name just a few! These PenDelfin rabbits are all retired from production now and except for the early PenDelfin Midge rabbit which was designed by Jean Walmsley Heap, they were all designed by Doreen Noel Roberts.

We have a wide range of PenDelfin figurines for sale including many PenDelfin Schoolhouse rabbits and PenDelfin Christmas rabbits. We also stock PenDelfin display stands and PenDelfin Family Circle club rabbits.

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New PenDelfin Kitchen Rabbits To The Perfect Pieces PenDelfin Rabbit Section

A few new additions to the Perfect Pieces PenDelfin rabbit  section include some PenDelfin rabbits perfect for the PenDelfin Kitchen display stand! They include the PenDelfin Oliver, the PenDelfin Pepper, the PenDelfin Scoffer & the PenDelfin Cookie rabbit to name a few (all pictured below, click the image for further details):

These four PenDelfin rabbits represent different areas of kitchen life – Cookie is merrily mixing his baking mix, Scoffer is off out of the kitchen delivering the food, Oliver is on the receiving end of the food and asking for more and Pepper is a mischievous little bunny sniffing the pepper pot!

All four of these PenDelfin rabbits were designed by Doreen Noel Roberts and have their green felt and PenDelfin artist palette labels to their bases.

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